MSNBC Warns That Free Speech On Twitter Would Be a ‘Danger’ to Free Speech — and It Perfectly Captures Where We Are – Opinion

Are you afraid that free speech will endanger free speech? A Democrat strategist once did, and she said it recently on MSNBC.

On Saturday morning’s PoliticsNation,Al Sharpton, host of the program, introduced it:

“Telsa CEO Elon Musk…has made a $43 billion offer for Twitter to ‘build an arena for free speech.’”

“Musk has accused Twitter of censoring its users,” Al pointed out.

He directed a question at Danielle Moodie Mills (political analyst):

“Are you concerned that what Musk is trying to do is to open up the platform for more misinformation about topics such as COVID-19 and the 2020 election? And perhaps even allow former President Trump to get his account back?”

Danielle has an idea — free speech is a threat to free speech:

“I mean, I’m going to be honest, Elon Musk is a danger to Twitter and to freedom of speech. His many millions of followers know that he has said some of the most homophobic and transphobic words. So, creating an environment for hatred? To me, that’s what that sounds like — an opportunity for him to have no consequences. To be free from all flags. People should be able do anything they wish and to speak whatever language they choose, no matter what the consequences. So I think that this is something that folks really need to be paying attention to, because I think that Elon Musk buying Twitter or creating this quote-unquote ‘arena’ would be problematic.”

It’s indeed poised to be “problematic,” as that term seems to denote opposition to This Present Wokeness. Danielle’s unease is understandable — she presides over a podcast called Woke AF Daily.

I find the idea of free speech threatening free speech to be an excellent illustration of what we have become: Politics has become a useless collection of nouns and consonants. It’s become a realm in which people speak words into cameras with zero consideration of whether they make any sense at all.

So that people can listen, the heads speak.

The strategist did however come up with a great description of free speech:

For people just to be able to…say whatever they want regardless of what kind of harm that it causes.

According to my understanding, it was mostly the point of America.

In times past, someone might say, “I hate your ideas, but I would fight to the death to defend your right to say them.” I don’t imagine that notion retaining its popularity of yore. There’s a growing group that’s determined your words should be limited to what they prefer — on topics such as COVID. The 2020 election.

In an atmosphere of free speech however, virtually all expressions are allowed.

Concerning COVID, there’s largely been no such thing as objective “(mis)information,” as we’ve known very little about the disease, its origins, and its attempted treatment and prevention. We still know very little about COVID. We’ve been traveling a path upon which something false on Monday greets Tuesday as a fact. Yesterday’s “false information” is today’s revelation. We’ve learned some, but there’s much more to go.

Part of what we’ve yet to know — such as the long-term effects of the vaccines — won’t come for literally years.

Whatever is true, freedom of speech does not mean being wrong.

Elon, could he transform Twitter into an area of free speech? He might do it, which could prove to be eye-opening. This will show the world how America works.



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