MSNBC Regular Favors ‘Physically Absconding’ Republicans to Pelosi’s Basement!

Tiffany Cross, MSNBC’s host has had a fantasy for many years about Trump being forcibly taken into custody in different ways. This dream began in 2020 when Cross started to fantasize about Trump becoming:

“Dragged on the White House lawn as a 1980s episode Cops.”

Cross had been back in action last month and fantasized that Trump would be roughly detained.

You are the one who plays the music for the television show. CopsPlease see the following: Carry this person out. Then, put him in the back seat of a police vehicle. Keep his head down.You mean everything, right? You can bet it will bring in ratings.

Elie Mystal was Cross’s regular guest and he got into Cross’s spirit of “book ’em Danno”. Cross asked Mystal to explain what should be done for Republican congressionalmen to submit to subpoenas by the January 6-th committee.


Nancy Pelosi’s basement is a favorite of mine since childhood.Or vanity parlor or anything she may have in Congress. Congress is endowed with an inborn contempt power. On their own authority they can Issue legal subpoenas to force people into compliance with the subpoenas. People who refuse to comply with the law will be arrested With legally-issued subpoenas issued by Congress

As to just how physical things could get, Mystal suggested that the sergeant-at-arms would be entitled to “fight” with the congressmen, and Mystal imagined the sergeant-at-arms “physically absconding” with the Republicans. Mystal recognized that Democrats might not want to fight, but Mystal insisted that “this is their power,” and they are able to execute their orders under their own authority.

Cross leapt in and suggested that it would become physical if Mystal or Cross refused to comply with a subpoena. Mystal agreed and said that law enforcement would be “coming through my window right here, to come after me.”

This is when you should be! Cross Cops Again, “cue Bad Boys!”Tiffany Cross Elie Mystal MSNBC The Cross Connection 5-14-22

Cross & Co. apparently feel entitled to indulge these fantasies of harsh physical treatment of their political opponents. Think of the horrorous reactions that would ensue if this happened!

Note: Mystal was skeptical of the alternative option for forcing compliance with the subpoenas. This would be Biden AG Merrick Garrland being given “smelling salts” in hopes that he will pursue the Republicas. And Mystal saying that “the truth is out there” was an X-Files allusion to a segment coming later in the show about a congressional hearing on UFOs.

On Tiffany Cross’s show, regular guest Elie Mystal suggesting that Republican Members of Congress who have not responded to subpoenas from the January 6th committee should be “physically absconded” to Nancy Pelosi’s basement was sponsored in part by Chevron, Dell, Intel, Johnson & Johnson, maker of Neutrogena, GlaxoSmithKline, maker of Parodontax, and Volvo.   

Below is the transcription. To read more, click “expand”. 

Cross Connection
10:02 am EDT

TIFFANY Cross: Five congressmen have ridiculous answers to subpoenas. Legally, I have a question for you. How can the committee make these five Republicans comply with subpoenas issued by it?

ELIE Mystal: The truth is out there. But these Republicans want you to not know it. 

What can the committee do to force them into doing certain things? There are two options. The first isNancy Pelosi’s basement has always been something that I love.Or vanity parlor or anything she may have in Congress. Congress is a power of contempt. They can, with their authority, issue subpoenas to legalize the process and make people comply. People who refuse to comply with the law will be arrestedWith legally issued subpoenas from Congress. They are able to do this on their own authority. 

It hasn’t been tested in some time. I’m not lying about this. Since we last brought Congress inherent contempt power, it’s been quite some time. The question of “like” is important. How physical would you like this to be? What about the combativeness of the Congress sergeant at-arms? 

Because, like, This is about physical absconding, or you could say, with members of CongressFor non-compliance with subpoena. The Democrats could be fearful of their power. TThey have the power to do this.They can also execute their authority under their own power if the five Congresspeople refuse to obey lawful subpoenas. 

We’ve all been there. The alternative is the one. They will issue contempt citations and refer them to Department of Justice. It was placed on Merrick Garland’s desk. We may give Merrick some salts to help him wake up and see the referrals. We wait to see whether the Department of Justice ever intends to enforce congressional subpoenas. That will be interesting.

CROSS What would my physical condition be if I ignored a subpoena request? Is it possible to defy a subpoena and get physically ill? I don’t know. You know, I doubt that people would be there. 

MYSTAL : If I defied subpoenas, they would be right here, through my window, to get me.

CROSS: Exactly!

MYSTAL – To go to respond to the subpoena.

CROSS: Right. The Bad Boys’ music is now on. That would occur. It would happen.

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