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“If it’s Sunday, it’s ‘Meet the Press.” The venerable sign-off of the longest-running television show ever, which began airing in 1947. There have been many hosts to the NBC News program over the years. However, Tim Russert is still the most recognizable host and favorite among modern viewers. The program’s current host, Chuck Todd, sometimes hops over to the cable side, MSNBC, to provide commentary. But, it’s worth wondering if he’ll be so eager to do that after what one of their hosts said about his latest episode this week.

Todd started the show, just like every Sunday with a monologue to set up the current top stories. It’s like an overview, if you will.

Matt Negrin, who apparently hosts MSNBC’s “Hardball” program now, had a major problem with Todd’s opening. You can listen to it. (He’s kindly provided it for us in full, below.)

“Chuck Todd opens Meet the Press by endorsing Republicans’ anti-vax misinformation campaign to blame Biden for not returning everything to normal.”

If you prefer to read it, here’s a transcription:

Good Sunday morning. Both an economic and political story, the inability of the economy to recover fully from COVID-19’s shock is a sign of its failure.

What’s holding this economy back?

We thought that we had made a significant progress on COVID in spring. But the Delta variant waited on the opposite side of the road to hit us. The second-highest peak in this pandemic was reached by cases who had refused to vaccinate. They eventually began trending downward. We hope that there isn’t another.

The post-COVID supply-chain back-up is spreading around the world, creating cargo ship traffic jams and slowing deliveries of goods. This has also led to higher costs. In reality, these higher costs have contributed to inflation’s sharpest increase in the last 13 years.

Millions of Americans are also refusing to go back to low-stress jobs. That has resulted in job creation remaining low over the last two-months and removing some key workers from the supply chain.

These economic issues add up to a huge political problem for President Obama. All of it is his fault. Yes, it’s not. But now it is his.
Responsibility. Both he and other Democrats could face severe political consequences.

Biden campaigned on the promise of some basic return to normal. Or at least to normalcy. With the midterm elections less than a year away they might decide to give power back to Republicans unless the voters can see the new normal.

Now, you may have heard or read something different, but I didn’t catch any “anti-vax misinformation” that’s been bandied about by the GOP anywhere in that.

However, if you look closely, we can see that Negrin takes a complete turn and plays his cards.

“Republicans have spent the last nine months complaining about microchips, fertility side effect and magnetized arm and voter fraud. @chucktodd’s response is ‘these people are raising new concerns about how Joe Biden is bad for the economy’”

What is that, Chuck Todd? How dare Chuck Todd say, “All those economic problems add up to a big political problem for the president. Does this mean that all this is the president’s fault? Of course not, but it is now his responsibility”?

He also says the unmentionable, that the “supply chain back-up” at America’s ports isn’t all hunky dory. Transportation Sec. Pete Buttigieg, White House Press Sec. Jen Psaki has assured us that this is true Good thing, and the resulting inflation is only because we’re buying so much, the poor docker workers can’t keep up!

It’s also, most likely, verbotenThis is how it should be said:

“Mr. Biden promised a return to basic normal or at the very least, a pathway to normalcy. But with the midterm elections just over a year away, unless voters see evidence of this new normal, they may decide to return power back to the Republicans.”

See, here’s the problem Negrin and his progressive pals have with Chuck Todd and anyone else who doesn’t toe the party line talking points. Todd, as an actual journalist, is willing to consider the possibility that some of what’s happening under Biden’s watch might be Biden’s fault. It might also have implications for Biden’s party.

These are the same people who harass my senior Senator Kyrsten Sinema (D-AZ) in public women’s restrooms and use kayaks to disturb the peace at Democrat WV Sen. Joe Manchin’s D.C.-area houseboat. There’s an old saying that goes something like, “When you don’t like the truth, you kill the messenger.” And that’s exactly what we’re seeing play out here — rest assured, it will get worse for the Democrats as we approach the midterms.

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