MSNBC Backs Biden’s Whose Side—MLK or George Wallace—Are You On?

Many people, including prominent Democrats, have criticized Joe Biden’s inflammatory speech in Atlanta this week. He accused anyone who opposed the Senate’s filibuster rules for pushing through his federal takeover over of elections of being on the side with Jefferson Davis, Bull Connor and George Wallace. It’s not surprising that Jonathan Capehart, Al Sharpton and Al Sharpton continued to host the MNSBC.

Peggy Noonan is not a right-wing flamethrower and condemned Biden’s speech. It was aggressive, intemperate and meant to offend.

Even at his worst, Biden can count on MSNBC’s support. Thus it was that on Capehart’s MSNBC show on Sunday morning, both he and Sharpton expressed their support for Biden’s despicable “whose side are you on” dichotomy. Sandwiched between their expressions of support, Capehart had on a Democrat congresswoman who also declared her approval.

The Rev. provided some humorous humor. The Rev. attempted to laugh at the distinction by saying: 

“Note: he didn’t say that they Were Jefferson Davis or they Were George Wallace or they Were Bull Connor. He stated, “You’re on their side.” side!”

Gee, thanks for the clarification, Al!

A different interpretation would lead us to believe that Biden said the Wallace/Connor/Davis trio were reincarnated into the bodies of Joe Manchin, Kyrsten Sinema, and Joe Manchin.

MSNBC supported Biden’s bizarre Atlanta speech, in which he stated that those opposed to the elimination of the filibuster in order to allow the federal takeover are on the side George Wallace, Bull Connor and Jefferson Davis. This was partially sponsored by T-Mobile and Allstate. 

You can find the transcription here.

MSNBC’s The Sunday Show
10:01 am ET


JOE BIDDEN Would you like to stand on Dr. King’s or George Wallace side? Would you like to stand on the side Bull Connor, John Lewis or John Lewis? Would you like to stand on either the side of Jefferson Davis, Abraham Lincoln or both?

CAPEHART: We received an answer within days. We received an answer within days. Democratic senators Kyrsten Sienema and Joe Manchin were members of President Obama’s party. They reiterated that they are not willing to allow for an exception in filibuster to permit a simple majority vote for the Freedom to Vote Act and the John Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act. 

My co-chair, Terri Sewell (Congressional Voting Rights Caucus), is joining me. She represents Alabama’s districts of Montgomery, Birmingham, Selma. I am very thankful for being here 

Congresswoman Sewell knows that in the introduction we played what I believe was the key moment of the president’s speech. It is where he set the mark, “You’re either with John Lewis, or with Bull Connor.” It was very direct language. It was a very harsh language. Democrats and Republicans would be proud to have him back. Some thought that he had gone too far. To your mind, Did the president use too harsh language?

TERRI SEWELL It’s not my belief.It was an honor to have been with the president of the United States and vice-presidents in Atlanta. I also wanted the president be clear. His words were bold and clear. His message was simple: Do you want to be right? Are you on the side John Lewis or Bull Connor?Although it seemed a harsh comparison, it was necessary.To stimulate the imagination as to where we are at this moment in time and history.

AL SHARPTON (My opinion): We must have the right to vote. A roll call is necessary for Americans to determine who will be supporting the democratic process and protecting citizens’ right to vote. 

That’s why The president said, “Are you on Dr. King’s side or George Wallace side? Bull Connor side side? John Lewis side? Abe Lincoln side? Jefferson Davis side?” 

Note, He didn’t say they Were Jefferson Davis or they Were George Wallace or they Were Bull Connor. He stated, “You’re on their side.” Side!

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