Kamala Harris’ Latest Attempt to ‘Fix’ Her Image Is Already Turning Into a Disaster – Opinion

Kamala Harris is the worst politician in recent history. That question would have been ridiculed two years ago by many who assumed Harris was a rising star. People who were familiar with Harris in California are not fooled. As a prosecutor, her career was uneventful at best. She was also a backbencher as a senator and never achieved anything notable.

But per Joe Biden’s pledge to choose a running mate based on sex and race, Harris checked the “right” boxes. We now have a vice-president who seems to be comically incapable in her duties. Yet, instead of, you know, getting better at it, Harris has spent most of her time trying to “fix” her image via other means. There have been many staffing problems, including a constant outflow of people.

But if Harris thought bringing on new blood would represent a reset for her troubled tenure, things already aren’t going as planned. Harris’s new communications director has already fallen out with her party, and not just with Republicans.

Jamal Simmons, Vice President Kamala Harris’ new communications director, is scheduled to meet with the Congressional Hispanic Caucus on Thursday to listen to their concerns about his old tweets, congressional officials tell Axios.

What is the point?Harris was determined to improve her public image as well as professional accomplishments. Her new communications chief, however, is being questioned by a critical constituency.

You see, Simmons committed the cardinal sin of wondering, back in 2010, why ICE doesn’t pick up illegal immigrants who appear on cable news. He’s since apologized and expressed “regret” for his tweet on the matter, but the far-left never forgets.

Democrat Rep. Lou Correa, who is going to be in the meeting on Thursday, actually has questions about whether Simmons is a “Trumper.” That’s how militant these people are. If you have any semblance or respect for law enforcement at the border, then you will be cast in the outer darkness.

My view is that there are two sides. The first is that Simmons is an inept coward who grovels over a tweet from 12 years ago. He didn’t say anything wrong, and what does the Congressional Hispanic Caucus (which won’t even allow Republicans to join because it’s naught but a leftwing farce) have to do with being the communications director for the vice president? How is Simmons going to turn things around for Harris, when he can’t even manage his own bad PR?

Zwei, it is political stupidity to attack Simmons in this manner. The CHC will obviously extract their pound here. But to what end? What is actually being gained by getting him to once again pledge to be an “ally” to illegal immigrants? I’d posit the answer is that nothing is gained. But there’s plenty lost by further emasculating him on the national stage, in a moment where Harris needs staffers who can command a room and set the narrative. The dude hasn’t even really started his job yet, and he’s already lost control.

Regardless, the biggest misconception here is that anyone, including Simmons, can actually “fix” Harris. She’s disliked because she’s genuinely terrible and inept. It doesn’t matter what she does to improve her political career. At some point, Harris is going to have to entertain the idea that maybe there’s just no solution here? She’s who she is.

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