Mother’s Day Shocker: Olivia Is Top Baby Girl Name, Liam Number One for Boys – Opinion

Okay, my headline was false. It’s not shocking.

First and foremost, HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY! Today, almost everyone in the world owes at least some of their existence to their mother, so thank-you, moms!

One can only hope they don’t change it to “Happy Birthing People’s Day,” but we’re keeping it light on this holiday and won’t get into that right now.

Instead, let’s just get straight to the hard news: According to the Social Security Administration, Olivia, Emma, and Charlotte were the top three names picked for newborn baby girls in 2021, while Liam, Noah, and Oliver rose to the top of boys’ monikers.

Notable missing names from this list: Alexandria, Nancy and Ilhan. Kamala. Jill. Surprising.

Not making the top ten on the boys’ lineup: Joe, Chuck, Gavin, or Shifty Schiff. We are not certain what mother’s thoughts might be.

The big surprise in the numbers is that “Theodore” has made a comeback, storming in at number 10 for the male side. It’s amazing that such an old-fashioned name is making a comeback. Teddy had been canceled, I believed, because Teddy liked riding horses and shooting guns. But myfirstnamerocks says otherwise.

People think of Theodore as someone that is engaging, innovative, charismatic, talkative and talksative. Attract, influence and inspire others.

Perhaps people simply like his mustache.

It turns out that there’s big money in picking babies’ names. A baby name influencer could make as much as $10,000 per pop by picking out monikers. It’s a nice gig.

When we look to the future, new names for infants will be dominant. The report says:

Brooks and Miles are also popular boy names. The popularity of girls names like Gianna and Nova as well as Natalia, Natalia, Isla and Camila is rapidly increasing.

On a sad note, I can’t help but notice that the name “Bob” appears nowhere on these lists. Although we’ve inexplicably never had a president named Bob, one can’t help but consider the beautiful simplicity of such a name—it comes off the tongue so easily, we all know a Bob somewhere, and it can be spelled backwards as well as forwards. C’mon, man!

The truth is, however, that we wouldn’t have our names, no matter if they were Theodore, Bob, Emma, or Olivia, if it weren’t for our mothers. We wouldn’t even be here if not for them. Keep coming up with good names for us, moms, and Happy Mother’s Day!

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