WashPost Publishes Hit Piece on Black Republican Herschel Walker, ‘Useful Fool’

Sunday’s Washington Post Magazine carried an article on black conservative Herschel Walker’s campaign for Senate, and you could tell it would accentuate the negative. The headline was:

Herschel Walker’s Longest Run

Is it really relevant for Trump’s candidate to have a turbulent past?

In paragraph #4, freelancer John Rosengren reveals he’s not stalking the former star running back for a puff piece:

I’m here, in part, because I want to see for myself if Walker’s campaign in Georgia reflects the nation’s new norm in post-Trumpian politics. Are Trump’s rhetoric and celebrity glamour enough to make GOP politics real?

Rosengren quotes a lot of negatives, both from angry liberals and local Republican skeptics.

Trump is using Walker as a means to satisfy his own vendetta. “[Walker]He has been positioned into being a useful fool for those who don’t have the best interests of Black people or this democracy at heart,” says Harry Edwards, a sports sociologist, civil rights activist and professor emeritus at the University of California at Berkeley….

Walker’s refusal to use his national platform to advocate on their behalf alienated him from some of his Black neighbors, which he resented. “I never really liked the idea that I was to represent my people,” he writes in [his memoir] Breaking Free

That stance — especially now, coming from a Senate candidate — has drawn sharp criticism from Black leaders. “Herschel Walker won’t advocate for anybody, only for what’s in his best interest,” Harry Edwards says. “He’s This is not relevant to the Black Community. and we should treat him as such.” A representative from Walker’s campaign declined to address the comments.

… “This is a person who has run away from issues of race and has not dealt with them,” says Kevin Harris, former executive director of the Congressional Black Caucus. “If you are Herschel Walker and don’t understand how the racists are using you to give cover to their racism,You are therefore not qualified to sit in the U.S. Senate during this period.”

Rosengren highlights how Walker isn’t always up to speed on policy or politics, such as referring to late congressman John Lewis as a Senator:

Walker’s flagrant display of ignorance rankled many, including Cliff Albright, co-founder of Black Voters Matter Fund, intended to mobilize and empower Black voters. “There’s no crime in being ignorant,” Albright says, but there is in not knowing you’re ignorant and going around boasting about what you don’t know. He’s a clear and present danger to our health and democracy.”

The internet is the Post This quote was enlarged in large letters. 

Walker is not always right, but liberals make it seem like he is. 

Walker, who calls the Black Lives Matter leaders “Black Lives Matter” might not be easy to overlook. “trained Marxists” who don’t believe in American values, mocking the defund police movement as the brainchild of a drunk and testifying at a congressional hearing in 2021 against reparations for slavery.

The leaders of the BLM have publicly declared that they are Marxists.

Rosengren dug deep into Walker’s story, in which he discussed Russian roulette and how he thought of shooting a man for being late to deliver a car he had ordered. Rosengren also investigated the reasons why officials gave a temporary restraining order following Walker’s threat to kill his ex-wife. This is some serious stuff. You can rest assured that the PostHe didn’t look into the allegations of Sen. Raphael Warnock, his opponent. She claimed that he had run over her foot. It was just another Sunday of activism for a Democrat newspaper.

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