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The Albuquerque Police announced Tuesday that four Muslim men were murdered. They began the killings in November 2021. The murders ended August 1, 2022. According to Albuquerque Deputy Police Chief Kyle Hartsock, “There’s one strong commonality in all of our victims — their race and religion.”

Mohammed Ahmadi, an Afghan immigrant of 62, was killed by a gunshot in the parking lot next to his business.

Aftab, 41, an Afghan-born immigrant, was killed by gunshot wounds in his home on July 26, 2022.

Muhammad Afzaal Hussain 27, a planning director for the city of Española and immigrant from Pakistan, was shot to death outside his apartment on August 1. Naeem Hassain (25 years old, Pakistani-immigrant) was shot and killed later in the week.

The standard suspects led the way in condemning racism, bigotry, and other forms of discrimination.

CAIR offered a $10,000 reward to anyone who could provide information about the crimes.

“This tragedy is impacting not only the Muslim community – but all Americans,” said CAIR National Executive Director Nihad Awad. “No matter the background, race or faith of victims or perpetrators of hate or violence, we must all unite against it. We urge anyone with information about these crimes to come forward by contacting law enforcement.”

A statement CAIR National, Edward Ahmed Mitchell said:

“The lives of Albuquerque Muslims are in danger. Whoever is responsible for this horrific, hateful shooting spree must be identified and stopped – now.” 

It was the Diversity, Inclusion, and Equity grifters who stole the limelight.

Albuquerque police announced that Naemhussain, a suspect in three murders of Muslim males before him was attacked and killed during a press conference.

“We can not denounce strongly enough what appears to be the targeting of people because of their race and religion,” Michelle Melendez of the APD’s Office of Equity and Inclusion said during the press conference.

Is it really possible to offer diversity, inclusion, equity and equity quotas in the treatment of murder victims?

You see what’s happening here, right? In the absence of any evidence, the whole investigation focused on a “hate crime” motive, and you know they have a white Trump supporter in mind for the perp.

Albuquerque Police Department has created a page for tips. This includes the main lead that police have regarding the deaths.

Police arrested the suspect based on tip.

Albuquerque police have detained and charged a man they say is the “primary suspect” in the killings of four Muslim men, Albuquerque Police Chief Harold Medina tweeted Tuesday.

A police news release identified the victim as Muhammad Syed, 51.

Between November 2021 to August this year, the killings occurred with three of the most recent victims occurring in a matter of weeks. All victims had South Asian origins.

Authorities detained Syed, then searched his home and vehicle, which ultimately led them to discover “additional evidence that further tied Syed to the murders,” the release said. On Tuesday, police said that evidence found in the investigation showed that Syed was aware of some victims. This could indicate that Syed and the victim may have had an interpersonal dispute that contributed to the shootings.

Medina told reporters Tuesday the department did not want to label the shootings a hate crime or attribute the actions to a serial killer because “it would’ve been irresponsible for us as a police department to say that and further drive fear into a community that was already in fear.”

“We still don’t have any indication that either of these topics or labels would’ve been appropriate,” Medina said.

An investigation revealed that there were statements during which it was claimed the shootings did not qualify as a hate crime. It is therefore laughable for CNN to say the shootings aren’t regarded as such. What is also amusing is the way that CNN plays coy with the motivation: “an interpersonal conflict may have led to the shootings.” The New York Times reported on the same press conference this way:

The police reported Tuesday that they had taken into custody a Muslim man. This man may have been angry at his daughter for marrying a member of another branch of Islam.

The cultures of Afghanistan and Pakistan have been successfully brought to the USA. I’d think this is enough of a win for the Diversity, Inclusion, and Equity folks that they can take a long weekend.

It is clear that these killings were intramural between Muslim sects. There was no hatred against Muslims. It was hatred for one part of Islam and not the followers of another branch. Donald Trump did not have anything to do.

It is hard to imagine how quickly this whole affair could have been resolved if police followed the usual practice of assuming victim and perpetrator had interacted rather than trying to chase the anti-immigrant and anti-Muslim bias rabbits.

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