Dems Upset, Trump Raid Disrupted ‘Great Legislation of Joe Biden’

Former adviser to George W. Bush Mark McKinnon just wanted to boast about Joe Biden’s Presidency on CNN’s Don’t forget Lemon tonight with stand-in host Laura Coates, but the FBI had to go and raid President Trump’s Mar-a-Lago estate in Florida.

Citing the string of massive spending bills passed by congressional Democrats making their way to Biden’s desk, McKinnon proclaimed, “he doesn’t even get one day to talk about it,” as if the leftist networks hadn’t been applauding the President in full coverage the past few days.



Of course with midterms 91 days away as Coates mentioned, any time where CNN and its troops can keep Biden’s reputation alive is a crucial time.

McKinnon, Bakari Sellers (CNN political commentator) and McKinnon decided to discuss the raid on Mar-a-Lago instead of helping the Presidency. Quick to state that Trump has “abused and prostituted the Constitution of the United States,” McKinnon continued, “this is a huge diversion and one that may ultimately hurt Trump, but it can also help him in the short run.”

They are scared of losing power. McKinnon even said, “If I’m Joe Biden, I’m pretty frustrated by all of this.”

Sellers demonstrated this by briefly talking about the raid before quickly moving on to the voter’s actions during midterms.

He claimed he doesn’t know “any Democrats that are running in any competitive United States Senate or Congressional seat that are going to run ads talking” essentially trash about President Trump and his indictment. In reality, alluded to the idea that they just might be saving the world and said, “They do have a story to tell. The Inflation Reduction Act, CHIPS, the PACT act… there is a story to tell for Democrats.”

It is better to focus on what they have been asked about during the CNN interview. Bakari states, “at the end of the day, I mean, I just think that this is another news cycle, this is another story, but many Republicans want to wash their hands of Donald Trump.”

The networks will be quick to uplift President Biden and make light of his terrible term, and when the news doesn’t fit the agenda, they get mad.

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CNN’s Don’t forget Lemon tonight
Eastern Time: 11:37:00


BAKARI SELLERS CNN POLITICAL CommentATOR: It doesn’t matter how large the crime, it is still about democracy. This story is about someone who has prostituted and abused the Constitution of America. Although I believe it is a box of classified documents that contains more information than this, we’ll see.

LAURA COATES (And on that point I mean Mark, I mean the midterms, which are approximately 91 days away. There have already been primaries. More will happen tomorrow before the general election. There are already rumors about the potential loss of the Democratic majority in the one-chamber. The question of whether they’ll be bouyed is another. This could have an effect on the outcomes of elections.

MARK MCKINNON – FMR ADVISER TO GEORGE. W. BUSH & JOHN MCCAIN : Yes, absolutely. If I am Joe Biden, all this frustrates me. You get what I’m referring to

COATES: Really?

MCKINNON :…you know, just four hours before we booked this show Bakari and me were planning to discuss the amazing legislation of Joe Biden and he has yet to get one chance to do so. So you get the idea.

Mark, COATES: It is possible to accomplish a lot in just four hours. We see that a lot of things can occur in four hours.

MCKINNON – Don’t you know? However, the Democrats and Biden seem very enthusiastic about this legislation. There was some momentum around this. Trump could be hurt by this diversion, although it may help him temporarily.

COATES – Do you agree with Bakari?

SELLERS: Look, I don’t know any Democrats that are running in any competitive United States Senate or Congressional seat that are going to run ads talking about ‘aha, your President is about to get indicted,’ like that is not going to happen.

They do however have a story. The Inflation Reduction Act (CHIPS), the PACT Act. If you are running against a United States senator who has voted in favor of insulin caps, then you can discuss the Republicans.

There is an interesting story for Democrats in competitive areas. And, at the end, I don’t think it is a news cycle. It is an entirely different story. However, many Republicans would rather get over Donald Trump. It’s just not something they will say loudly. We’ll see.

COATES – We will see who is exhausted more, who clutches what pearls, what the next steps are. Thank you all for your support.

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