Morning Joe Hilarity: Back to ‘Are the Walls Closing In On Trump?’

We described Tuesday as follows: Morning JoeThere was a “Gloat-a-Thon” over the Mar-a-Lago hunt. However, even Tueday’s wild schadenfreude was nothing compared to the episode. Morning JoeToday’s total ecstasy over Donald Trump’s legal woes.

George Conway and Mika joined the chorus of liberals declaring the Trump “walls closing in”.

It was the last half hour that brought on the greatest euphoria. Charles Coleman (MSNBC legal analyst) comments on the Biden DOJ’s turn against TrumpThe following is an example of an “old saying”.

It’s not fun when the rabbit gets the gun.

Mika burst into prolonged and uproarious laughter immediately after hearing the expression. She repeated it twice. Scarborough became so fascinated by the phrase that he promised to “write it down.”

Imagine if a conservative commentator suggested that a Republican president’s law enforcement agency had “the gun” against a Democrat President.  You can hear the outrage and shriek of liberalism!

Take into account that Trump and other liberals continue to inspire violence. Who is inciting violence as they giggle at the idea of Donald Trump being armed with a gun?

Additional low-lights of the segment:

  • Joe and Mika laughed at the fact that Trump repeatedly invoked the Fifth Amendment in his deposition yesterday before the New York State Attorney General Letitia Jacobs. Scarborough was curious if Trump could be “mobbed up”If he took the Fifth, An “accountability”
  • Yesterday we saw a CNN legal analyst claim that Trump was facing a federal charge stemming out of the Mar-a-Lago Search. imminent. Today, it was Morning Joe’s turn to use I-word, with legal analyst Barbara McQuade saying that an indictment of Trump in Fulton County, Georgia was likely the “most imminent.”
  • Joe and Mika resorted to their usual string of insults for Trump supporters.“conspiracy Theorists and Insurrectionists” And of course… “fascists.”
  • Scarborough suggests thatJust as law enforcement should pursue “fascists,” the law should deal with “people on cable news channels” Joe thinks these people are inciting violence. Gee, wonder what “cable networks” Scarborough is interested in seeing locked up and who are the “people”.
  • Do you remember how liberal media mocked Trump’s claim that Trump Tower was being monitored? McQuade said the same thing.It would make perfect sense for Biden’s law enforcement agency to watch Trump and his associates using “listening devices”, surveillance techniques, confidential inmates, consensual monitors, and other methods.”

GlaxoSmithKline sponsored the Morning Joe gloat-athon, which was broadcast on Morning Joe. They also make Shingrix and Ring.

The transcript is here.

Morning Joe
6:00 AM

MIKA BRZEZINSKI : Former president claimed innocent people didn’t have to plead Fifth Amendment. That’s what it says about him, after he used the Fifth Amendment hundreds times in New York yesterday.

Yeesh! They are coming down.

. . . 

Is he still disgraceful about it?

JOE SCARBOROUGH: 400 times over, disgraceful. 

MIKA: Is he saying that it is something only guilty people do?

SCARBOROUGH: 400 times, guilty.

MIKA. Does he believe it’s something the mob thinks?

SCARBOROUGH: 400 times! Do you think he is being mobbed?

MIKA: That’s what we’ll do.

SCARBOROUGH, Is this what he is telling us? This confession is it?

. . . 

GEORGE CONWAY: Well, I do agree. It is true, I think.The walls are closing in around him. 

. . . 

BARBARA J. MCQUADE: Georgia is at most the most likely to be investigated.It is not clear if it will bring the most time or is more significant, but that one seems to be moving at a faster pace.

. . . 

SCARBOROUGH Conspiracy theorists and insurrectionists. Weirdos

MIKA: — crazy people.

SCARBOROUGH: — freaks.

MIKA: — lunatics

SCARBOROUGH: — Fascists. Facists should be called fascists. I don’t know if they are making threats but I would say that you pursue them with the law.

MIKA: Yes, there is that. But also…

SCARBOROUGH – The rule of Law. What if?You have cable news channel personnelThat inspired violence up until January 6, and they were then shocked by the violence on January 6. Then, after January 6, they pretend that they didn’t feel shocked at the violence on January 6th. They’re back! 

You know what?There are legal channels to do that, too.

MIKA. Newsweek matches this insider reporting to reveal where all this came from. Senior government officials told Newsweek that this search was heavily based on information provided by an informant.

SCARBOROUGH — An informant from Mar-a-Lago

MIKA — What documents Trump kept secret and where were they located.


MIKA. Trump’s world now wants to know who flipped. Rolling Stone claims that Donald Trump fears he might have a rat (or multiple rats) in his ranks. It’s unclear if his phone is being tapped. Even if his pals could have a wire. Barbara, this is something I think it’s very important to consider. 

MCQUADE: Yeah, absolutely. If it is an ongoing investigation as it seems to be, Continued evidence collection would be appropriate. So, these are accomplished through listening devices and surveillance techniques. Confidential informants can also be used.

. . . 

CHARLES COLEMAN It’s not fun to be a rabbit with the gun, as an old saying says. [Mika bursts into extended laughter.] 

That’s my opinion of Donald Trump. [Mika continues to laugh]. This is basically a completely different way of looking at the law system. It is someone like you, who knows how the legal system works.

SCARBOROUGH — By the way Charles, I grew-up in the South.

MIKA: This is amazing! That’s great!

SCARBOROUGH — I was able to hear my grandmother, my mother, and my aunt. I heard almost every word and every sound.

MIKA: The rabbit is the one who has to have the gun, and it’s not fun!

SCARBOROUGH, I’ve never heard this one. That’s it. This is what I will do. while you continue. Go ahead. 

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