Microsoft Pummels the Problematic by Correcting Your Unwoke Words – Opinion

Did you wait for the mailman when using Microsoft Word?

You will be elated to hear that I have some life-changing information.

From now on, you’ll be sitting in anticipation of the postperson. Or the mail-carrier. The mailhuman. Perhaps something else.

So goes progress, as Microsoft has unveiled a cocksure spellchecker that rules the roost with “inclusiveness.”

Try to include “postman”? That’s a no-go.

As reported by the Daily Mail, “[T]he tech giant has developed an additional feature which reviews a user’s work and decides whether the language used could be potentially offensive.”

They’re not correcting you with a red pen, but it’s close:

The function produces a purple line beneath words or phrases it deems problematic while offering more ‘inclusive’ alternatives, and is included on the Office 365 version of Microsoft Word from 2019 onwards.

Inclusion’s an interesting thing:


The tech giant is credited with making a concession.

Microsoft issued a statement in recognition that it may not suit all cases, and that they can be turned off by users at any stage to have full control over their final output.

The company’s enacted profoundly progressive moves as of late.

As covered by RedState’s Mike Miller in November, Microsoft’s Ignite conference featured introductions from participants that were especially informative:

The brainchild of Bill Gates is trying to change the world, and it’s doing so one syllable at a time.

These are some suggestions for improving your usage

  • Whitelist > Accepted List
  • Postman > Postal Worker
  • Mankind > Humanity

The Sun also reports on other instances:

  • Maid > House Cleaner
  • Showgirl > Performing Artist
  • Master > Expert
  • Mistress > Lover
  • Manpower > Workforce
  • Herione > Hero

Check out the Outlet for more information:

Users who write “Mrs. Thatcher” are told it “may imply gender bias” and are prompted to change it to the supposedly less offensive “Ms. Thatcher.”

The software’s settings allow users to check all desired woke workarounds:

  • Age Bias
  • Cultural Bias
  • Ethnic Slurs
  • Gender Bias
  • A gender-specific language
  • Racial Bias
  • Sexual Orientation Bias

These days, there’s a whole lot of correction goin’ round.


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To be smarter was to learn more words and hear more opinions. It also meant to have more exposure to new and diverse things. However, the Powers That Be know that this is not true. They are often the ones who tell us what to think, say, see, hear, or know.

It’s an uncanny coincidence.

Microsoft does allow users to switch off their guide but such cultural changes are becoming more demands than suggestions.

Or, depersonds.

America, happy waking writing!



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