Mickey Mouse Takes a Rake to the Face – Opinion

Disney released “Fantasia” in 1940. It was Walt’s magnum opus. Maybe I’m more attached to it than most because I’m a cartoonist and a storyteller, but I’ve cherished how Disney created a vision. My favorite segment was the “Sorcerer’s Apprentice.” Mickey is Merlin’s assistant, and lazy mouse. He tries to do more than he’s capable of, and uses tools he cannot control. It seems to be the perfect, albeit, sad metaphor for modern Disney — with a bit of a twist.

In my version, Mickey tries to load up on the wokeness BS, but instead of “making magic,” he manages to step on one rake after another.

Walt Disney’s relative has threatened to set fire and brimstone on him. No matter: this battle, much like Mickey’s eight decades ago, will end in disaster.

The House of Mouse is playing too safe.

Oh, Boy! Mickey cried. OooooH, BOY!

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