Memorable Meltdown Against DC Anti-Mandate Rally Goes Viral – Opinion

The anti-COVID mandate protest was reported on earlier. We saw thousands of people who came out from all walks of life. Robert F. Kennedy Jr., Lara Logan (journalist) and Dr. Robert Malone were among the speakers. It was expected that around 20,000 people would attend, with many federal employees who opposed the mandate.

A handful of anti-anti-mandate people turned up, as did a couple that appeared to be members of Dr. Anthony Fauci’s cult.

They chanted, “We love Fauci” and “Quack, Quack” — not seeming to realize how well those two things go together.

However, they were quite mild in comparison to the libertarian who was beaten by rally-goers on the streets near the rally. This was an epic, if not quite normal meltdown. It is similar to that of the person who famously shouted after Trump’s win.

Caution for graphic language

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“My tax dollars are going to the police, to shut down the road, so that these f**king white supremacists can party and have a hell of a time celebrating their loser President,” exclaimed the woman, who then stomped her feet and made an “L” shape over her head.

“Go the f**k home. Stop invading our territory,” she continued.

This is your brain about liberalism. It comes under the heading of ‘everyone who upsets me is a white supremacist,’ whether there’s any reality to it or not. She’s absorbed her liberal talking points well. Someone has to share with Robert F. Kennedy Jr. that he’s a white supremacist now. While there certainly were Trump supporters in great evidence, the rally was all political persuasions and it wasn’t a “celebration” of Trump. It was a celebration for freedom. By the way, where is this lady’s mask, as she stands there screaming and spewing at people?

One of the funniest things was the last part: “Stop invading our territory!”

Um, since when is it just “your” territory, lady? Washington, D.C., is our nation’s capital; it belongs to us all. It is sure that enough taxes are paid to keep it going. Despite what she thinks, it doesn’t belong to the liberals — even though, yes, the area certainly has a lot of entitled ones just like her.

This lady apparently didn’t take White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki’s advice to relax, do kickboxing, and have a margarita.

However, I must say that the one thing I really love about the lady walking away is her little smile as she holds a glass of water.

Some people on the left have been affected by this media. They’re no longer able to deal calmly with anyone who differs from them; they’re jumping up and down in a tantrum in the street — and the fear porn pushed over COVID has only made it all worse.

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