Media Activist Demonizes Christian for Sharing Faith at Highland Park – Opinion

As if the mass shooting at Highland Park wasn’t already being politicized enough, at least one member of the activist media thought it appropriate to draw attention to a man trying to offer some comfort to residents of the community in the wake of the tragedy. Problem? He was also a Christian who shared his faith with others, something that some find offensive.

USA Today media activist Sophie Carson posted a thread where she described her reporting on the events surrounding the Fourth of July shooting. She highlighted one tweet that featured a Christian who had traveled from Indiana to spread the Gospel to local residents. The man was in a cross-carrying state at the time, and she posted the picture. She wrote:

The man who arrived from Indiana, with his cross, brought his message of Christianity to these victims.

Highland Park is home to a significant Jewish community. Some women that I spoke to seemed a bit rattled by all this.

Note how the alleged reporter doesn’t quote any of the women who were “a little rattled” at a Christian showing up to share his faith. It doesn’t seem like most people were at all bothered by him. You can see that he is being interviewed by other journalists. There are currently no reports that he is disruptive, or would cause any disruption.

Highland Park is home to a significant Jewish community. About one-third of the city’s residents are Jewish – meaning it is highly likely that there are plenty of Christians living in that area as well. A man holding a cross and preaching the gospel is rather outlandish considering what has just occurred there Monday.

These questions raise some additional obvious issues. It is possible that the man could have been an Islamic Muslim, sharing his faith. Imagine he was a Buddhist who offered comfort. Carson and any member of the activist press would post such a tweet.

It is not.

Carson doesn’t criticize him directly, but it is evident that her tweet intended to make negative comments about him for his faith. Although none of them are actively seeking to convert to Christianity, their presence does not appear to have been a hindrance for those trying to comprehend what just happened. What does it matter that there are Christians available?

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