Manic Morning Joe’s Advice To Dems: Make People ‘Very Afraid’ of ‘Crazy’ Republicans

Some liberals are not able to look coldly at Virginia Democrats’ loss of the governor’s seat. Terry McAuliffe had spent his entire campaign talking about Trump, Trump and more Trump. Glenn Youngkin is not Trump. 

Friday is Morning Joe Joe Scarborough’s urgent electoral advice to Democrats was“Very afraid” to scare voters away from the “crazy Republican” party He and his supporting cast deployed a plethora of related epithets, calling Republicans: “dupes, knuckleheads, weirdos, freaks, loony, kooks, out of their blanking minds, crazy as hell!”

Scarborough claimed that the obvious is that simply calling Republicans crazy is going to make inflation, rampant migration, and incessant awakening impossible.


But—as on display in the screencap and throughout the video clip—It was called the Morning JoeCrew itself appeared to be badly unglued. Uncontrollable laughter and wild gestures were heard, as well as bellowing. Donny Deutsch claimed that the Republicans have no policies so they are the party of “no” and “partyof nuts”. Scarborough claimed that every Republican was a Jan 6 rioter, warning about Jewish-space lasers.

Scarborough clearly missed Chuck Todd & Co. mourning the evidence that that 1/6 is not turning out to be a winning issue for Democrats. 

The madcap moments were capped  by Joe Scarborough, a proud man fantasizing about debate Republicans,It would claim it was the “funnest” debateHe would “bury them, they couldn’t get one word in.” 

“Funnest?” “Funnest?” Does anybody on middle school speak that way?

They also lashed out at Democrats for not using the political instruments that they claim are available to them. Scarborough asked Casey Stengel the question, “Can anybody here play this? Michael Steele, former Chairman of the RNC and activist for the Lincoln Project, replied:

“No! They won’t. Joe! That is the problem. Never have I seen such a pathetic party in politics.”

This segment consisted of one-third political strategy and two-thirds group therapy. It was a comedy about a bunch depressed Democrats who were trying to laugh past the graveyard. They are consoling their self over what appears like a imminent shellacking by uttering every racist slur they could think up on Republicans. 

Morning Joe panelists advising Democrats to make voters “very afraid” of supposedly “crazy” Republicans was sponsored in part by USPS and Sling.

The transcript is here.

Morning Joe
6:42 am ET

JOE SCARBOROUGH, I believe James Carville is correct again. Don’t make things more difficult than they should. These are people who have lost their minds.They do. crazy. These are kooks. These are The conspiracy theorist. They’re just as dangerous as Le Pen in France! It’s not your place to have them as the boss! Even if some of their positions are agreeable to you. These people can be arrogant, like Macron. crazy! They shouldn’t be running Congress.

DONNY DEUTSCH : Yes. DONNY DEUTSCH: Yes. [sic, dub?]These are their party dupesThe party of knuckleheadsThe party of weirdosParty of freaksThat is it. It’s a simple, straightforward message.

. . . 

People must be afraid of Republicans . . . Joe, I am with you. Any adjective, however you use it. loonyYou can use any fringe adjectives you wish. make people afraid.It is more than the celebration of nutsIt’s not the party of “no.”

SCARBOROUGH – They’re not in their blanking mind. This is what I would say during the campaign trail. Because it’s a children’s program, I won’t speak it here. 

However, Michael Steele is not the only one — Democrats do not have to. Arbeit To scare people about Republicans.

MICHAELSTEELE: [chuckles.]

SCARBOROUGH: They’re It’s crazy!! . . .  They’re Out of their minds! . . . You mean they are crazy!

. . . 

Michael, it’s not difficult.

STELE: This is not difficult!

SCARBOROUGH – Seriously Democrats! I am Casey Stengel. Can’t anyone here play this game?!

STEELE: [Laughs heartily] No!

MIKA BRZEZINSKI : Take a look at Michael

Joe: This is the problem.

MIKA: Why?


SCARBOROUGH, What’s the deal?

STEELE: It is not clear. You are correct. I have never witnessed a political party so ignorant.

. . . 

SCARBOROUGH: Michael, Michael:It would make for the most entertaining debate that I have ever been in.. This would be great fun. You could even bury them. They could not get any word in.

STEELE: Right!

SCARBOROUGH, Because they’re so crazy . . . They’re [shouting] crazy kooks!! They all!

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