Man Assaults 7-Eleven Worker, Jiu-Jitsu Master Ties Him Into a ‘Pretzel’ – Opinion

Unruly Illinois man found himself recently in a knot.

According to WFLD, last Thursday, 30-year-old Christoper Cruz was having an uninhibited day. He went to a 7-Eleven nearby and stole some products.

Christopher was told to go home by a 19 year-old employee when he returned to the shop that night. Christopher didn’t appreciate the directive, so he allegedly (apply that word to this entire story) punched the employee.

However, before all that, he also did the following: Amid harassing people in the parking lot, Christopher encountered Idriz Redzovic, who’d come to buy his six children slushies. Christopher offered Idriz a menacing “What are you looking at?”

Christopher then kicked the 7-11 door and attacked the attendant. Idriz interceded.

However, before all that, he also did the following: Idriz “grew up in the streets of Chicago.” He explained to Fox News:

“[M]You mom [was]Two jobs have been my job since the death of my father. I’ve been in a lot of, like, street fights. … [I] didn’t know how to fight. … My mom didn’t get home until 12. I was an 11-year-old kid, you know?”

Idriz trained in martial arts and received his black belt from Gracie Jiu-Jitsu. And he opened Supreme Jiu-Jitsu in Chicago’s Lincoln Park neighborhood. Christopher was his 22-year training.

Idriz applied his experiences to counter the attacks on the shop clerk.

It is possible to Batman fans may recall the caped-crusading trio’s entwinement with the Siamese Human Knot:

Idriz also did something similar. He told Fox 32 about his experience in the dojo.

“I jumped in, grabbed [Christopher] like I do in training here, put him down, flattened him like a pancake, and then I tied him up like a pretzel.”

The man wasn’t kidding.

He told Fox Digital, “My instincts kicked in. … [I] started to put him in a…jiu-jitsu hold, in a position called ‘gift wrap.’”

Christopher sought permission to release his identity. Permission to release Christopher was refused.

When police arrived, Idriz pulled back Christopher’s arms for easy cuffing.

The instructor emphasized that he “did not hurt” Cruz because the “whole position” he pinned him in “is controlled.”

“Jiu-jitsu is such a beautiful art,” Idriz said, “that I don’t have to apply pressure. … If I had to hit him, I would hit him. … I could have easily escalated…into a chokehold, into an armbar, into another situation. But I had it under control.”

He shared with cops late to the scene, “I do jiu-jitsu… I train a lot of officers. He was harassing some girls right here, and I didn’t do nothing. He kicked the door — I recorded the video. Then he began to harass this guy. He then started to attack this man and swung at him. And that’s when I jumped in and took him down to the ground. He was still there when I got back. Maybe give him some water or something.”

Officers asked the store employee, “You want him arrested?”

“Hell, yeah,” the clerk replied.

Idriz shared his thoughts on the incident via his Facebook Page:

I was getting Slurpees for my kids, and a lady came in complaining about the individual… I [looked]Her friend drove her around the neighborhood, while she was outside. [wrecklessly]He tried to strike him with his car. He was laughing at her, pushing his car against hers and making crazy comments. I was not sure if they knew each other because she seemed to be on something herself… I told her to jump in the car and just leave. She snapped at me for saying that… Then she took some windshield fluid and slammed it on my own car in front, trying to open it. She was let go by me.

After that, I called both the guys and the girls. I stood back, minding my business. I stood back, minding my business. [ran] up on me, talking crap and then said, “Are you Russian?” and tried flexing on me, trying to pretend like he was going to swing at me. And I took a step back and didn’t engage. Then he walked into 7-Eleven, messing with the employee as I was standing outside just watching and waiting for the cops…

Then, he started swinging at the 7-Eleven employee. That’s when I jumped in to control him ’til the cops came.

“People can learn from this footage,” Idriz surmised, “that violence is not the answer. Get proper training like I have, and the world can be a better place.”

This is another reason why people shouldn’t drink alcohol or take drugs. I don’t drink because of my faith. I am a Muslim, and that’s why I was so calm — because (of) my faith and my 20-plus years of teaching and training jiu-jitsu.

As for the “footage,” Idriz recorded the entire 18-minute, 27-second episode — and live-streamed it.

He seemed calm indeed. Christopher appeared to be in knots.



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