Male Feminist Devastated After Mom Finds His Sex Doll: She Thinks I ‘Lost All Respect for Women’

A graduate student expressed concern after his feminist mother discovered his sex doll and accused him of objectifying women.

The professed male feminist solicited the advice of prominent sex columnist Dan Savage.

“I have entered into a period of my life where I am devoting all my mental resources toward my academics—grad school—and am not interested in dating. Thus, I bought a Real Doll so that I may enjoy fantastic masturbation during this loveless period,” the advice seeker wrote in a letter published Thursday in The Stranger.

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“Unfortunately, while my parents were visiting, my mom discovered it and she reacted very, very badly,” he added.

The man said his mother is a “feminist” and views his use of a sex doll as a sign he’s “lost all respect for women.”

“I do not feel this is true,” the advice seeker declared. “I view myself as a feminist, and I realize this society sexually objectifies women. But I also believe that I can masturbate with a rubber woman and have wild fantasies and then come back to reality and respect everyone—men, women, others.”

He revealed that since his mother found out about the sex toy, the two have not been able to have a “civil conversation” and she is “extremely upset.”

Savage, a well-known LGBT activist who pens the “Savage Love” sex column, felt the man’s mom had crossed the line.

According to Savage, the man had two options, one of which was to apologize.

“Or you can tell your mother to f–k off and butt out (“It’s my d-ck, Mom, and I’ll stick it in whatever I want. You remember that ‘my body, my choice’ stuff, right?”),” Savage suggested.

Savage also expressed concern that the man’s “mother might be right” to be concerned with his choice of companionship.

“Most guys manage to tough out their loveless periods with the help of the porn industry and their own right hands,” he opined. “And most guys who opt for insanely expensive, life-size, hard-to-hide sex dolls do have issues with women—most are plagued by feelings of inadequacy, not superiority–so you may want to entertain the possibility that your mother might be right.”

As some pundits posit an epidemic of male loneliness amid what researchers have suggested is a shortage “in the supply of potential male spouses,” companies are racing to create increasingly more advanced sex dolls.

And Hollywood has even gotten in on the trend.

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In 2007’s “Lars and the Real Girl,” produced by Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, Ryan Gosling plays a socially awkward man involved in a – platonic – relationship with a RealDoll named “Bianca.”

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