Majority of Hispanic Voters Disapprove of Joe Biden – Opinion

New York Times/Siena College Poll: President Joe Biden gets some disturbing news. 63 percent disapprove of Biden.

As we reported earlier this week, nearly two-thirds of Democrats don’t want Biden to run again in 2024. Democrats will lose both the House and the Senate if they lose the majority Hispanics to failed policies, inflation, tax, climate, and other issues.

The southern border crisis is one of the main reasons Hispanics may disapprove Biden. Congresswoman Mayra Flores, R-TX said that:

“The cartel has taken over… You cannot cross illegally unless you pay thousands and thousands of dollars. And yes, there’s children and women coming into our country… But also a lot of horrible people, terrorists also coming into our country, putting the American people in danger… We do have a serious problem, but I do put the blame on the Biden administration.”

Naturally, legal immigrants want to see Americans legally entering the country. The Biden administration’s decision to end the Remain In Mexico policy seems to be a blow to legal immigrants.

Hispanics are particularly disapproving of the Green New Deal rhetoric by Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY), which promotes the Green New Deal climate agenda. It also praises capitalism, while bashing capitalism. Socialist candidates will not win the support of Cubans living in Miami. We saw Biden lose Florida 2020 due to far-left rhetoric. AOC should give up campaigning in Florida if she ever wants to be President. She will not have any chance of winning that state.

Los Angeles could also be witnessing a shift. Although the final demographics for the Los Angeles Mayoral Race have yet to be released, polls indicated that Rick Caruso won the Hispanic vote against Karen Bass. Bass was once an outspoken supporter of Fidel Castro’s murderous regime. Bass traveled to Cuba in 1973 with the Venceremos Brigade. The Venceremos Brigade organized half-a-century of annual trips to Cuba by young leftist Americans. Despite being Democrats both Caruso and Bass are moderate Democrats. This shift in Hispanic voting seems to be occurring across the country, in particular in three states with the highest population.

Biden secured 65 percent support from Hispanic voters in 2020. It was an important part of his General Election win. The polls suggest that if the Democrats lose their Hispanic base by 2022, it will be likely to see a red wave in November.

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