Madison Cawthorn Loses Primary Race in North Carolina – Opinion

In the first big shock of the night, Madison Cawthorn has lost his primary bid to run for reelection in North Carolina’s 11th congressional district. Chuck Edwards (currently a state senator) will become the Republican nominee.

Although the final results were close, Edwards won the required 30 percent plus one vote to win an outright victory without having to endure a second round.

Cawthorn had an upsetting month with relentless opposition research campaigns against him. Some of the attacks seemed completely unfair. However, many attacks are simply a play on self-inflicted wounds. Cawthorn’s videos showing him nakedly hugging his cousin and sexually harassing a male employee are likely to have harm him.

It is my opinion that this decision was the right one. Cawthorn requires personal assistance. Trump supporters cannot ignore their issues by simply supporting him. Though I’ve defended him from some of the attacks he’s faced lately, in the end, my patience for bad candidates is thin in an election year this big. Cawthorn had his chance and didn’t deliver.

Finally, just to make things a little more fun, this is a one-party district, North Carolina. Even if one preferred Cawthorn, tonight’s result doesn’t change anything fundamentally.

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