Biden Lied About Mass Shooting in Dallas, Falsely Attributing It to ‘White Supremacy’ – Opinion

I already reported about some comments Joe Biden made on his Saturday visit to Buffalo. But I wanted to break out some things that I touched on in the earlier story, because I still can’t believe that Joe Biden did them. Maybe I ought to rectify that. After covering him so much, I believe that he is capable of doing all sorts of deplorable things.

The event should not be about comforting those who have lost loved ones or been murdered. Instead, it should focus on them. They were mentioned and he tried to talk about them. Joe was just Joe and he made a mistake. He called one by the wrong first name, said another had “brain cancer” when she had breast cancer, and called one an “expert banker” when, in fact, she was an “expert baker.” That’s what comes from the inability to read the teleprompter or truly absorb the details of peoples’ lives. If you’re going to mention them, get them right.

He made things worse. The man referred to a Dallas mass shooting that occurred last week. Three Korean women were shot by a man at a salon.

Too many people have witnessed the destructive and deadly violence that this ideology can unleash.

We heard the chants, “You will not replace us,” in Charlottesville, Virginia.

I wasn’t going to run, as the Senator knows, again for President. But when I saw those people coming out of the woods — of the fields of — in Virginia, in Charlottesville, carrying torches, shouting “You will not replace us,” accompanied by white supremacists and carrying Nazi banners — that’s when I said, “No.” “No.”

And I, honest to God — those who know me — Chuck — you know I wasn’t going to run for certain. But I was going to be darned if I was going to let — anyway. Don’t want to get going.

Look, we’ve seen the mass shootings in Charleston, South Carolina; El Paso, Texas; in Pittsburgh; last year in Atlanta; this week in Dallas, Texas; and now in Buffalo — in Buffalo, New York.

White supremacy, a poison. It’s a poison — (applause) — running through — it really is — running through our body politic. And it’s been allowed to fester and grow right in front of our eyes.

You don’t need to do more. I mean, no more. It is essential that we declare as strongly and clearly as possible that white supremacy ideology has no place here in America. (Applause.) None.

Now, there’s no other conclusion that one can make but that he’s calling the shooting in Dallas a “white supremacist” action. Except there’s a small problem with that. As I mentioned earlier, the suspect could have been black. Now, the police have identified the man they have in custody — Jeremy Theron Smith, who is black.

The suspect arrested in connection to a shooting at a Korean hair salon in Texas last week had “delusions” about Asians, according to his girlfriend, The Dallas Morning News reported.

According to online jail records, Jeremy Smith (36), was taken into custody on Tuesday. He is charged with three counts each of aggravated assault using a deadly weapon during the shooting.

According to reports, he could have mental problems. This is being considered by the FBI to be a federal hate crime.

But, that is such a terrible thing for Biden to lie about, perhaps even more so because he’s saying it to the people who have already suffered from an alleged racial attack that has taken their relatives. You can’t tell people something like this.

White supremacy can be evil and wrong. The same goes for black supremacy. So is attacking people for other racial reasons, such as because they’re Asian or because they’re white. All that is unacceptable should be condemned. Democrats like Joe Biden try to spin this so that attacks are not only by white people, but white supremacists. You notice Biden doesn’t note the alleged hate attack in Laguna Woods that happened on May 15. One person was killed — Dr. John Cheng who charged the shooter to save others — and five others were wounded. That was allegedly a “hate attack” against the people because they were from Taiwan. It happened in this week. What was the reason for that disappearance? Is it possible that the Chinese alleged shooter caused this? Evil can come in many colors and all races. To suggest it doesn’t is itself racist.

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