Lying MSNBC: Biden’s Deeply Liberal SCOTUS Pick Is ‘Middle of the Road’

The disingenuous ideological spin has already begun. Just minutes after the White House on Friday confirmed that Ketanji Brown Jackson is Joe Biden’s pick for the Supreme Court, MSNBC deemed her a “middle of the road” “home run.”

Jackson was too liberal to be considered moderate. The Washington Post. The paper stated the obvious: “She would be likely to vote with liberals.” 

However, MSNBC did not bring on Tomiko Brown-Nagin from Harvard Law as a guest for their initial reaction. She insisted, “I think it is a home run. She has a lot of experience. She’s a well-known quantity. I don’t think it is going to be easy to characterize her as a radical as some started trying to do even before a nominee was announced and she’s a terrific choice.” 



Brown-Nagin then adopted the strategy used for every very liberal Supreme Court nominee: Pretend they aren’t. She claimed, “I see her as a middle-of-the-road candidate, highly qualified and she’s been twice confirmed by the Senate.” 

That’s not what even The Washington Post thinks. Regarding Friday’s announcement, the paper acknowledged: 

Jackson’s confirmation would not affect the current conservative 6-to-3 supermajority on the court. Jackson would likely vote along liberals in the Supreme Court’s most controversial issues, such as abortion, LGBTQ protections, and gun rights. 

The radical pro-abortion NARAL “applauded” her confirmation to the U.S. Court of Appeals. The Federalist reports: 

…The Breyer apprenticeship wrote an amicus short for the National Abortion Rights Action League(NARAL) and other organizations that kill baby in the womb to support a Democrat-backed bill that prohibited pro-life protesters gathering outside abortion centers.

Chris Jansing appeared to have admitted that Jackson was liberal in an earlier time. She wondered, “We talk about the whole idea of judicial temperament and The conservative side will still dominate the court she is entering.” 

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MSNBC Reports
9:00 AM ET

CK HOFFLER, National Bar Association ex-president: Exceptionally qualified and well-respected candidate with a stellar background. She will be taking her place on the U.S. Supreme Court if she is confirmed. It is certain that she will be confirmed. She’s extraordinary on all levels, as long as you can check every box. Her background makes it so special that she’s a nominee. 

HOFFLER: It could not have been a more perfect day. There could be no more remarkable outcome. The president made this wonderful decision. 

TALI FARHADIAN WEINSTEIN (MSNBC legal analyst):  But interestingly, while she brings that diversity, Chris, she’s out of central casting in terms of her credentials. There is nothing she lacks. From her experience in the Supreme Court, to the inside of the courtroom, to the appellate courts, she has it all. She is a judicial veteran with nine years.

CHRIS JANSING:  Finally, Joyce, we talk about the whole idea of judicial temperament and she’ll be going into a court that will continue to be dominated by the conservative wing. However, she will not be able to create relationships like Stephen Breyer. How do you envision her operating in the Supreme Court, as it stands now, once she has been confirmed? 

JOYCE VANCE:  It’s a really important question, Chris. She will she change the dynamics on the conservative 6-3 Supreme Court. The court’s lack of public confidence has been one of its biggest problems in recent months. The justices love to point out that they do not have an army who can enforce their opinions. Their words are meaningless without the support of the media and the public trusting the court. This morning’s announcement will make them the most content.

VANCE: I don’t mean to be pollyannaish about this. The 6-3 majority of voters are locked in, and they will continue to hold that position regardless of her nomination. 


Jose Diaz-Balart Reports

JOSE DIAZBALART – Tamika, how do you feel about the President’s choice to name Jackson as judge?

TOMIKO BROWNNAGIN (Harvard Law School Prof): It’s a great idea. She’s extremely qualified. Her name is well known. It won’t be difficult to describe her as radical, as many tried to before the nomination was even announced. She’s an excellent choice.


BROWN-NAGIN Her qualifications are high-quality and she has been confirmed twice already. She has every reason to believe she will win bipartisan support from senators if they focus solely on her qualifications. 

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