Lunatics: Acosta & Guest Compare Unvaccinated to Committing Human Sacrifices

CNN just when you thought they couldn’t get any lower, proves us wrong. Sunday afternoon CNN NewsroomJim Acosta was the anchor of leftist news. Kurt Anderson, an Atlantic writer, joined him to argue that people who doubt the Covid vaccines have the same fate as the Aztecs for “massive human sacrifices.”

Anderson was asked by Acosta about the Atlantic article he wrote. He began the segment deranged. America has been made a victim of the anti-vaccine movement.  Anderson lamented that

Donald Trump’s Republican Party decided to politicize the issue. The vaccine protocols, public health protocols were then put into practice. It was a very effective vaccine and people refused to take it. This made it clear that this wasn’t just an expression or piece of rhetoric. It was not a matter of left and right mass human sacrifice, but it was real. 

Anderson attempted to back up his delusional and frankly downright reckless allegations by claiming to have read “anthropological historical research”. He believes this research. It’s not only Aztec, Mexico or Incan people who are forced to die. People were encouraged and treated with respect by the volunteers. embrace death.”Anderson stated that Anderson was describing another human mass sacrifice. “All the features that I saw made it real like it was for many thousands of years, were all of them that I recognized.” “I have every confidence that future historians will agree with me.” 



Acosta did not want to miss out on this conversation about conspiracy and he began to share his anecdotes with the rest of us.

You’ve also heard Republican politicians talk about, well you know there are some senior citizens they’ve lived a long life. It’s a subtle hint that seniors have lived long enough. While there wasn’t much difference between the Covid deaths rates in red and blue states before the introduction of vaccines, CNN has found that red states now have an average 52 percent higher Covid rate than the blue states. The five states that had the highest per-capita death rates at the time were all represented by Trump.  

Anderson made one final bizarre comment and offered a different take on anti-Second Amendment rhetoric. For forty years, the Republican Party has been engaging in a new kind of mass murder that amounts to gun deaths. All gun regulations should be eliminated.”  

You can keep track of this by going to your home and not getting the Covid vaccination because you have religious objections. This is similar to Aztecs who participated in human mass sacrifices. Are you a Second Amendment advocate? It’s hard to believe what Jim Acosta or Kurt Anderson might call you. 

CNN’s deranged segment featuring two leftists accusing Second Amendment advocates and vaccine skeptics, of engaging in mass sacrifices, was possible because of the endorsement by Fidelity/Ensure. This link will take you to their contact information so that they can be notified about biased news funding.  

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CNN Newsroom with Jim Acosta


5.14.54 pm

JIM ACOSTA – In the world of Covid misinformation, there seems to be no end.  The experts will either refute a conspiracy theory or simply lie to allow anti-vaxxers a fresh one. It’s a dangerous game of pandemic whack-a-mole. One of the newest conspiracies about the Covid vaccine, well we’ll let Republican Senator Ron Johnson try to explain it. 

SENATOR RON JOHNSON: We’ve heard story after story. You mean all these athletes who have died on the field? That’s what we are supposed to do. This is all it’s about. There is nothing to be seen. This is an abomination, it’s a scandal.

ACOSTA: It’s true, but it isn’t a scandal. There are also people who refuse to adhere to public health guidelines in order to protect others, just days after Sarah Palin’s defamation case against The New York Times was postponed due to her positive test for covid. On Wednesday, Sarah Palin was seen eating out in New York City. After Palin was allegedly found to have violated New York’s Covid vaccine rules, she was seen dining in an indoor restaurant at last weekend’s event despite not being vaccinated. It begs the questions of what the goal is of the covid misinformation, and the refusal to comply with public health protocols. Kurt Anderson has written a piece for “The Atlantic”, arguing that the antivaccine right has led to human sacrifice in America. I am here to discuss this. Kurt Anderson is the author of “Evil Geniuses the Undoing of America: A Recent Histories.” Let’s get to it Kurt. Your statement that the Right’s propaganda campaign against vaccination and other public health protocols is organized has led to many Americans being killed for an ethically unjustifiable reason. Let’s get more specific about this.

KURT ANDERSON – Well, there will always be those who don’t want to receive a vaccine. There’s been an anti-vaccine movement before there was ever a covid vaccine of course, for the last 20 years, and wasn’t all from the right. After Donald Trump’s Republican Party made it a point to politicize the vaccine protocol, public health protocols, then when we finally had a vaccine that proved so powerful and effective, refusing to accept it led to many deaths. I also realized that this was more than just an expression or rhetoric. Mass human sacrifice was everywhere, left and right. But it was also real. After reading through the historical anthropological research, I was amazed at how many of the characteristics of the phenomenon that has been present for so long, over thousands of, truly fit the current situation. This is true regardless of whether or not it occurs in societies with supernatural religion and government. It is true of the American Right these days. It involves many volunteers. People are not forced to die in Aztec, Mexico or Incan South America. People were encouraged to embrace death and were given the opportunity to volunteer. It was a true thing, just like it had been for thousands and hundreds of years. It is clear that the historians of the future will also see this. 

ACOSTA: Kurt, during you know the beginning months of this pandemic, I recall going to a Trump rally and talking with a Trump supporter to find out why he wasn’t wearing a mask. Then he told me that I’d die if you die. What do you think? This is the type of mentality. And you’ve also heard Republican politicians talk about, well you know there are some senior citizens they’ve lived a long life. This is a hint at the fact senior citizens live longer and so forth. Before vaccines were widely accessible, there wasn’t much difference in average covid deaths between blue and red states. However, CNN analysis has shown that red states now have a 52 per cent higher rate of covid deaths than the blue states. The five states that had the highest per-capita death rates during this period voted for Trump. That’s amazing. 

ANDERSON: It’s more intense and that is what I observed last fall as I examined this analysis at a county level. Correlation between Trumpist voting and the redness of a County. County level. There are 3,000 counties that were ranked, step-by-step, from Trumpiest to Most Trumpy. Each 10% higher up the slope toward redness the odds of Covid death are greater. The correlation between the two was amazing to me, and it’s why I started looking into this correlation. In the early days of the internet, when there was no distinction between independents and Republicans dying and those who were in quarantine or not masking their illness, it wasn’t that much. It wasn’t. However, this year it has been a year since the first vaccines became available. It is striking to me how this reminds me of mass human sacrifices that took place in complex empires similar to ours. It wasn’t primitive what we would then call primitive tribes, they were big, complex societies and that’s what we’re seeing here.

By the way, this was done by those societies as well as the elites of those societies to increase their political power and, often, their non-egalitarian communities. Again, I find it very similar to the current situation.

ACOSTA: Kurt, this sounds very dark but there was still hope when you put this together. Please tell us more.

ANDERSON: I’m sorry, again. As I looked at all of the recent scholarship in anthropology and the larger databases of dozens and scores of societies over many hundreds and thousands years, it was hard to believe that there is so much. It is true that there are new scholars. The research has not yet been officially published. However, they said that they discussed the issue and discovered that the society is unsustainable over certain numbers, many millions. As societies grow larger, the injustices that are inherent in your old people, weak people and people with low social status, is exposed. It was made impossible and changed. This revival of mass sacrifice in America is possible, though it may be temporary. However, I thought about the fact that the Republicans, who have been killing people with guns for 40 years, are doing something very different. All gun regulation was eliminated. Which is a different version of the same kind of, of kind of belief in that –


ACOSTA: Maximalist vision of freedom and lives. Yeah. 

ANDERSON: Precisely. 

ACOSTA: Yeah. All right, Kurt Anderson. Many thanks for taking the time to write. It gave us so much to reflect on. We appreciate it.

ANDERSON : Thank you. I am very grateful.

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