‘Loyal, Left-Leaning Democrat’ Torches Party Over COVID School Lockdowns – Opinion

In this episode of “When Democrats Eat Their Own”…

Blasting Democrats over any number of issues, including misrepresentation, radical leftism, bald-faced lying, and blatant hypocrisy, the keystone genetic trait of Democrats everywhere, provides one of life’s most satisfying and rewarding experiences. Ok, that’s a bit exaggerated, but it gets the point across.

But how? Democrats blast Democrats, that’s Really good stuff.Right there. Such was the case on Friday when a “loyal, left-leaning Democrat” blistered her party over its unconscionable — and continuing, in communities across America — COVID-related school lockdowns.

Angie Schmitt is a Democrat author, writing an op ed for left-leaning readers Atlantic on Friday titled “Why I Soured on the Democrats,” observed: “Covid school policies set me adrift from my tribe.” Ooh, let’s read on.

Schmitt began:

Until recent, I was a left-leaning, loyal Democrat. I have been this way all my adult life. I am a partisan. Before the midterm elections, I registered my voters and attended protests.

Donald Trump was so hateful to me that it made it difficult for me to keep civility with my relatives from the other side.

But because of what my family has gone through during the pandemic, I can’t muster the same enthusiasm. I feel disillusioned and displaced from my tribe.

Profound? No. Is it surprising that she is honest? It’s not surprising, to say the least.

“I can’t imagine that I would have arrived here,” Schmitt observed, “not [as] a Republican, but questioning my place in the Democratic Party.”

Late that summer, the Cleveland school system announced that it would not open for in-person learning the first 9 weeks of the semester.

It was a terrible time. My family depends on me and my income. I was certain that I wouldn’t be able work full time with my son, then 5, and my daughter, then 3.

I accepted short-term school closures. I lost faith in this system as remote learning took place for weeks and months beyond its initial time frame, and my son refused to log onto the internet for lessons.

Schmitt not only understood her young son’s aversion to online learning; she said: “I couldn’t blame him.”

Despite his wonderful teacher’s best efforts, online kindergarten is about as ridiculous as it sounds, in my experience.

I remember logging on to a “gym” class where my son was the only student present. It was obvious that the teacher felt ashamed. Both of us knew the absurdity of this situation.

What happened then? The other kindergarteners were missing. They “vanished,” wrote Schmitt.

My parents had dropped off their children every morning at preschool every day for the past year, and they were still there every day this year.

My husband and me, both professional computer workers, were challenged by the daily task of finding passwords and programs.

Schmitt hoped Somebody in “our all-Democratic political leadership” would take a stand against the madness on behalf of Cleveland’s 37,000 public-school children and “seem to care about what was happening.”

“Weren’t Democrats supposed to stick up for low-income kids?”, she asked? Cleveland immediately closed schools playgrounds for the entire school year.

Rush Limbaugh, the late Rush Limbaugh used to say that he knew Democrats more than they did themselves. So do I. And watching a disgruntled Democrat blister “the home team” about a significant part position is a sight to behold, indeed.

After Cleveland schools failed to fully open for months, Schmidt enrolled her son in a charter school that was open for full-time in-person instruction, explaining her trust with public schools was “broken.” “Compounding my fury was a complete lack of sympathy or outright hostility from my own ‘team,’” she wrote, continuing:

Throughout the pandemic, Democrats have been eager to style themselves as the ones that “take the virus seriously,” which is shorthand, at least in the bluest states and cities, for endorsing the most extreme interventions.

[Not quite. It’s actually shorthand for “exploit the ever-loving hell out of, solely for poltical expediency, not to mention a naked power-grab.”)

By questioning the wisdom of school closures—and taking our child out of public school—I found myself going against the party line. And when I tried to speak out on social media, I was shouted down and abused, accused of being a Trumper who didn’t care if teachers died.

The Twitter slur on mothers who have been unpaid essential workers was often very misogynistic. I saw multiple versions of “they’re just mad they’re missing yoga and brunch.”

Schmitt again identified the quintessential tenant for liberals on the fruited plain: the resentment of people who don’t want to live in the liberal plantation ShouldThey see principally Blacks, women and members of the LGBTQ community as conservative, while Democrats are seen as wayward.

These “traitors” are to be castigated, ridiculed, dismissed, and outright destroyed if necessary. Any type of disloyalty to “The Party” is not to be tolerated. Remind you of various other “parties” throughout history? Me, too.

Speaking of “science,” as reported in July by McKinsey & Co. in an article titled Education and COVID-19: Unfinished Learning, The significant effect that COVID school lockdown had on all age categories during the 2020-2021 schoolyear was felt by everyone. Emphasis, mine::

Our analysis of COVID lockdowns shows that the impact of the pandemic on K–12 student learning was significant, Students are five to six months behind in math and four months behind reading, which leaves them on average with an academic gap of five months.The school year ends.

Preexisting achievement and opportunity gaps were widened by the pandemic. Students who are historically poorest will be hardest hit. Students in math from schools that are majority Black ended the school year with six months unfinished learning, while those in schools of low income had seven.

It is more common for high school students to abandon school and those in low income families to drop out are less likely than others to continue their education.

This crisis was also a major impact on Not only academics, but the overall health and well-being for students is important.With more than 35% of parents very or extremely concerned about their children’s mental health.

McKinsey & Co. also determined that continued fallout from the pandemic “threatens to depress this generation’s prospects and constrict their opportunities far into adulthood,” including “undermining their chances of attending college and ultimately finding a fulfilling job that enables them to support a family.”

Meanwhile, Angie Schmitt, who became completely disillusioned with her “home team” and its disregard for the impact of school lockdowns on children, in the end — like all good Democrats — remains steadfast in her support of the Democrat agenda.

All of these things have not affected my belief in the Democratic agenda. I continue to support it wholeheartedly. What I’ve lost is my trust that the party is truly motivated to act in the interests of those they claim to serve.

Yeah, I got nothin’. That is the best example of illogical “logic” I’ve seen in quite a while.

Then again, Democrats gonna Democrat.

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