Los Angeles School District Shares ‘Preferred Pronouns’ Video With Links to Sexually Explicit Images of Non-Binary Instagram Account – Opinion

WARNING: NSFW photos ahead

A Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) Instagram account recently shared an “educational” video linked to shockingly inappropriate images.

The Post Millennial reports that the Los Angeles Unified School District’s Human Relations, Diversity and Equity Instagram account shared a video about pronouns called “Smarter in Seconds.” The video features male “non-binary” trans activist Addison Vincent. Vincent might be well-known to those who saw him on the television show “Smarter in Seconds.” Dr. PhilThe event was where Matt Walsh, a bearded activist, faced off against Matt Walsh The Daily Wire.

Vincent’s Instagram page @breakthebinary is populated with sexually explicit poses and intimate photos, images described as “boudoir photos.” It is nothing that would even come close to appropriate for teens to be exposed to, or for their teachers to be training with.

Vincent is shown with Blair Imani in the video. She also shares that she’s bisexual, and Muslim on her profile. The two walk through their belief that it’s necessary to ask people what their preferred pronouns are. The two introduce themselves, with Vincent stating pronouns, and Imani playacting by claiming “cisgender confusion,” by saying that people should just be able to tell what her pronouns are.

Vincent then quotes Alok Vaid-Menon, a trans activist who has stated that little girls are “kinky” and helped Demi Lovato come out as non-binary (before she recently went back to female pronouns), saying “gender is not what we look like to other people, it’s what we know ourselves to be.”

“Gender is an array of mental and behavioral characteristics,” Imani said next, “that relate to, differentiate from and go beyond understandings of neutrality, femininity, and masculinity.”

The two agree that “you can’t look at someone and know their gender or pronouns in the same way that you can’t look at someone and know their name,” Vincent said, sporting a beard, mustache, and long hair.

Parents across the nation are being labeled by radical union activists and the Department of Justice as “domestic terrorists.” We are being told by progressive politicians that we have no place in making education decisions for our children because we are not certified educators. Yet, our children are subject to being lectured to and “educated” by Instagram activists who are not educators themselves and may be worse…groomers.

This is the only way to understand why public school districts feel justified in making explicit sexual content available to students and employees. This is called grooming.

California passed controversial legislation regarding sexual education that contains pornographic and LGBT-centric content. LAUSD has also recently begun to allow teachers and schools to use a student’s preferred pronoun and to counsel and influence students experiencing gender dysphoria without notifying their parents.



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