ABC Highlights Bipartisan Calls for Transparency in FBI Trump Raid

On Tuesday, the day after the FBI raided former President Donald Trump’s Florida home at Mar-a-Lago, ABC’s World News Tonight highlighted how not only have Trump’s allies come out in opposition to the FBI’s raid and its lack of transparency but some of Trump’s biggest critics have expressed their dissatisfaction.

Anchor David Muir noted the “growing pressure on the Department of Justice and the FBI really from both sides of the aisle tonight to release something, some sort of explanation for this, you know, unprecedented raid.” 

Chief Washington correspondent Jonathan Karl reported how this criticism “is coming not just from Republicans who are supportive of Trump, this is coming from people that have been quite critical of Trump.” 

This includes Republican Governor Larry Hogan “calling on the Biden administration to release all the documents justifying this raid,” Karl added. 



According to Karl, Hogan warned: “if the federal government cannot ultimately provide overwhelming evidence that actions were absolutely necessary, then it will only undermine faith in democracy and the rule of law and further divide Americans.” 

During CBS Evening News’s analysis of the fallout of the FBI raid, chief election and campaign correspondent Robert Costa surmised that the raid “could speed up his [Trump’s] decision on 2024.” 

Costa added that “many in the party are ready to aggressively go after the Justice Department in 2023 should Republicans win the House majority this fall. House Republican Jim Jordan, and other investigators are preparing to investigate. Political war on the horizon.” 

Continuing to fill in for anchor Lester Holt, Tom Llamas speaking to justice correspondent Ken Dilanian remarked how “we can’t lose the magnitude of this moment” and asked Dilanian to walk viewers through “how unprecedented a move this was by the Justice Department.” 

Dilanian revealed that “legal experts are unaware of any other time in history when a former President’s house was searched by law enforcement agents.” 

Llamas followed up by asking if “Trump is likely to be charged[?]” Dilanian responded, “not necessarily” and that “It’s possible this was a case of the government wanting its documents back.” 

This coverage of the unprecedented raid of a former President’s home was made possible by Verizon on ABC, Allstate on CBS, and Progressive on NBC. They are linked.

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ABC’s World News Tonight
August 9, 2022
Eastern, 6:37:54 

DAVID MOIR: In the interim, there is increasing pressure on both the FBI (from the FBI side) to reveal something. 

JON KARL: It’s not only from Trump supporters, but also from others who were very critical of Trump. Larry Hogan of Maryland, one of the most vocal Republican critics of Trump is calling for the Biden government to release all relevant documents justifying this raid. He also warned David to listen carefully to Larry Hogan’s comments. According to him, if there is no overwhelming proof that federal actions are absolutely required, it can only weaken faith in democracy, the rule of the law, and cause further division among Americans. That’s a warning, coming from someone who was very critical about Donald Trump.

CBS Evening News
August 9, 2022
Eastern at 6:35 p.m.

JERICKA DUNCAN: For more on the possible criminal and political implications of this FBI search, let’s bring in CBS’s Robert Costa. Robert, it’s good to see you. This could have some implications for an eventual run for former President, who is considering a bid for 2024. 

ROBERT COSTA – It may speed up his decision in 2024. CBS News reports that Trump supporters are calling him to say, “Get in now!” They want to consolidate their base and prevent any rivals. This will complicate the life of the Justice Department. Even if you are under investigation by the federal government, consider becoming a federal candidate. Some say to wait and see what happens. 

DUNCAN – Donald Trump has supported nearly 200 candidates in the past year since he was elected. Was he referred to as a de facto leader? 

COSTA: Although he is the leader for a particular wing, the party doesn’t support him in all cases. Major stated that about 12 House Republicans will be at Major’s side in New Jersey tonight, rallying behind him. But, Senator McConnell, who is quiet and silent today, doesn’t want to comment, just wants to watch how it all unfolds. 

The Senate GOP is feeling this way in certain quarters. It’s not clear how it will play out, but they are aware that Trump remains a danger to their party. However many within the party are prepared to go after the Justice Department 2023 if Republicans take the House majority in this fall. House Republican Jim Jordan, and other investigators are preparing to investigate. The emergence of political warfare. 

NBC Nightly News
August 9, 2022
Eastern: 7:05 p.m. 

TOM LAMAS: I’m happy to announce Ken Dilanian as our justice correspondent. Ken, this is a moment of great importance. Take our viewers on a tour of how incredible this action was by Justice Department. 

KEN DILANIAN, Tom: This seems to be the first time this has happened. According to legal experts, there has never been a time before that law enforcement officers searched the house of an ex-President. In order to obtain the warrant, FBI officials had to convince the federal judge that evidence was present of Trump’s Florida crime. Justice Department officials were required to decide that this controversial action was the best to get what they wanted. The DOJ has not yet commented. It’s all but certain this search would have been approved by the Attorney General himself who decide that simply asking for the documents, or demanding them with a subpoena wasn’t going to work. Tom? 

LLAMAS – Ken: The home of an ex-President was searched. Does this indicate that Trump could be indicted? 

DILANIAN: Not necessarily. It’s possible this was a case of the government wanting its documents back. Tom says that in the past, officials from government have been taken to prison for bringing classified documents home. It’s also possible that this is about a lot more than documents. Trump claimed he didn’t do anything wrong, and is now calling for the prosecution of misconduct in search. Tom?

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