Lori Lightfoot Goes Nuclear on the Chicago Teachers’ Union – Opinion

Yesterday, per RedState’s reporting, the Chicago Teachers’ Union went on strike again. They are attempting to spin it as a “remote work action,” but are refusing to show up to their classrooms, leaving hundreds of thousands of children stranded. Ostensibly, they claim that this is COVID related and schools are unsafe. The data shows that’s absolute nonsense, though, and this isn’t the first time the CTU has held the city hostage because they are objectively lazy.

For example, they initially refused to return to work at all last year unless schools were given “restorative justice coordinators” and provided rent assistance, among a list of other completely irrational demands unrelated to COVID. Eventually, however, they made a deal. This is what happens in Democrat-led urban areas when it comes public sector unions.

The Chicago schools finally opened a year earlier than other schools in the nation, despite another strike threat from the CTU. Omicron’s arrival provided the CTU with the best excuse, in their view, to strike again against the children they claimed to love.

What will happen this time? Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot went nuclear on the CTU last night, proclaiming that “enough is enough” and that she will fight the good fight.

The question is just how far she’s willing to go. Yesterday, Lightfoot shut down the city’s Google classrooms, which the striking teachers were using to facilitate their “remote work action” and organize support, including from students. It was a significant first step to resisting their demands. It would have been an enormous concession for them to allow the CTU to dictate what students learn, even if they refused to come to work.

CTU members will be next to get hit in the pockets, as Lightfoot has threatened further action.

The mayor has the power to stop sending out paychecks to teachers who don’t show up and she absolutely should do it. It’s the only thing that’s going to bring these bums into line, and Lightfoot better not back down. It would do incredible damage to the city’s children if she doesn’t follow through with her threat. The CTU is one of the most abusive teachers’ unions in the nation. You will see more abuse if you make concessions at this stage.

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