LOL: Laura Ingraham Mocks Just Plain Weird ‘Saturday Night Live’ Impersonation of Her

At the end of Monday’s edition of The Ingraham Angle on Fox News, host Laura Ingraham mocked Kate McKinnon’s just plain-weird impression of her to open the latest Saturday Night Live The Fox-skewering skit with Fake Ingraham suggesting gas was $19 a gallon was just the latest proof that SNLIt is another late-night comedy offering by liberals. 

Fox exaggerating the extent of a president’s disaster is a bit odd, so NBC mocked Fox. If you are unable to find chicken at Wal-Mart then comedy on defense doesn’t work. McKinnon, Ingraham said mockingly to Ingraham. 


Ingraham was willing to appear on the program. a la Sarah Palin?

INGRAHAM: I can do a pretty decent Nancy Pelosi — I like doing Kate McKinnon doing me, because she is kind of fun. Her political humor was fair and balanced. Many people claim she does not make fun of the opposing side. It’s certain she does. I’m told she does not. They have to. OK. OK. Let me make a deal. You will be my guest. SNL, I’ve actually hung backstage a few times. You did not know that I was there. Nancy Pelosi and the impression of Pelosi are my freebies. SAG member, I can do the impression for free.

Liberals would protest that McKinnon does do impersonations of Hillary or Elizabeth Warren — but those are done from a place of love, not hate. McKinnon described Hillary as “literally, a dreamboat”, and called her “one of the most favorite people”. It’s like Maya Rudolph impersonates Kamala Harris and it “feels like a superhero cape.”

Mike Huckabee came to Laura’s aid, and she reflected on her poor impression. Huckabee stated, “Saturday Night Live could be funny, but it isn’t. Partly because they don’t appear to be aware of another side of the political spectrum where there is real comedy right now. That’s tragic. However, it’s a great honor to be recognized. They accepted you and made you the first to enter.

This was not intended to be an act of honor. They were venting their frustration at losing. 

It was completed with worse impressions — Novak Djokovic, Candace Owens — but James Austin Johnson’s impression of Trump far surpasses Alec Baldwin’s cartoon. 

The Ingraham AnglePrevagen was a part of the source. 

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