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On Saturday, we reported about protesters harassing the justice system at their houses. Radical leftists also plan to infiltrate churches. They’re even threatening to burn the Eucharist in a vile attack on religion.

But not only aren’t Joe Biden and the Democrats condemning these actions, but they’re also whipping up the anger and encouraging them. The media are also there, encouraging the anger and igniting the fires.

Here’s the Washington PostA positive profile was written about the person behind Kavanaugh’s protest at his house.

“We’re about to get doomsday, so I’m not going to be civil to that man at all,” Wooten-Holway declared.

No comment on the legality of trying to force justices to rule the way that you want — specifically, trying to influence the decision of the Supreme Court — which would appear to go against 18 U.S.C. Section 1507. So now, radicals know if they target conservative SCOTUS justices at their homes, it’s all just cool, and they might even get a write-up in the WaPo and be praised by leftists. Thank Joe Biden and the WaPo for encouraging more leftists to harass justices. That’s how extreme all the folks on the left have become.

As we know, this would have been just protesters from the right calling for people to visit the houses of liberal justices. We’d hear about how democracy was being destroyed. There would be an FBI page with all their pictures on it, requests to identify the people involved, an investigation of the organizers–and the police just wouldn’t have cleared them away, they’d be locked up. We’re still not hearing the end of the three-hour riot on Jan. 6 and the demonizing of everyone on the right as a result of that, despite the fact that Republican leaders condemned the violence on that day.

George Washington University law professor Jonathan Turley observes that this is licensing “the age of rage.”

These three images capture the nation’s obsession with violence. After nights of arson, rioting, and the White House was enclosed by security fencing in June 2020; Congress was also surrounded with the same fencing following rioting which temporarily halted certification of the presidential elections. Photos of the Supreme Court are now included in this set.

That’s a great point that he makes.

The Democrats seem to be lacking in condemnation of the third and first of these incidents. And we know that the people behind the riots outside the White House didn’t see the same harsh approach that we saw the Jan. 6 folks receive. It is unlikely that those who invade churches or harass justices will face any punishment.

Indeed, as we see now, unlike the Republican leadership — who condemned the Jan. 6 violence — you have leaders like Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer threatening the justices. This would have been a way to reduce the anger if Schumer or Biden were there. But they don’t want the rage tamped down. They need the rage to whip up the vote, and that’s all they care about at this point — not the churches or the justices or who might get hurt as a result of that rage.

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