Liberals Overdose on Cope After Biden’s Pathetic Weakness Is Laid Bare – Opinion

RedState reported that Russia invaded Ukraine and has officially reacted to Joe Biden’s claims. After Vladimir Putin previously declared regions in Eastern Ukraine autonomous, Russia used that pretext to send troops along the border as a peacekeeping force.

The administration has responded by quibbling about the definition of “invasion,” and signing a toothless executive order to sanction financial dealings in the Donbas and other regions now officially occupied by Russia. It is unclear if tougher measures will be taken.

We do know that Biden was embarrassed by his statements about Putin fearing him. He watched a Russian invasion take place in Europe. What has the Left done to deal with this?

Of course, we’re talking about Donald Trump.

Yes, we are so lucky Donald Trump isn’t president today. Otherwise, Russia might go off and do something crazy like…Invade Eastern Europe.

They are hilarious, and they clearly indicate that these reactions were coordinated. The Washington Post has no less than three op-eds out this morning trying to spin Biden’s abject failure as some kind of victory, including one by the gaslighter du jour, Jennifer Rubin. It is certain that shadow president Ronald Klain won’t be far behind in hitting the retweet buttons soon.

Yet, despite these desperate attempts to deflect, what can’t be explained away is the clear fact that Russia behaved while Trump was in office. No matter what one might like to put it to, the truth is that this happened. Obsessions about Helsinki (which had no practical impact on anything) and platitudes about Biden being the “adult in the room” will not change that. Russia did not wait to act upon Trump’s resignation. This was not an accident.

We could also talk about the fact that early in Biden’s presidency, he lifted sanctions on Russia and green-lit the Nordstream 2 pipeline, which went a long way in making Putin believe he had the leverage to go ahead with his incursion. But I digress, that’s hardly new information.

In the end we witness Democrats trying their hardest to deal with the realization that they were wrong. They truly thought that a senile old man could be put into the White House, and that it wouldn’t lead to horrible consequences. In their world, “mean tweets” and arguments over gender pronouns were the most important issues of our time. Well, how’s that working out?

It’s honestly pathetic to see this kind of flailing, with the left falling back into its obsession with the orange man, instead of dealing with the problems at hand. Donald Trump isn’t president. Joe Biden was more successful with his foreign policy pursuits, regardless of what people think about him. They are furious at this inconvenient fact, and it is evident.

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