Arabella Advisors Behind Dem ‘Dark Money’ SCOTUS Pick Push: Wash Times

The Washington Times’ White House correspondent Dave Boyer reportedly exposed the leftist dark money efforts behind President Joe Biden’s pledge to nominate the first African American woman to the United States Supreme Court. 

Biden’s announcement of his first Supreme Court nominee “will cap off a White House decision-making process that has been supported — and pressured — by a secretive network of liberal ‘dark money’ advocacy groups and anonymous donors who seek appointments of far-left judges,” according to Boyer. Boyer identified Arabella Advisors as “the billion-dollar force behind the Democratic dark money network, which overtook the Republican Party in the amount of undisclosed political spending in 2020.” The Capital Research Center (CRC) marked Arabella as one of the “country’s most influential left-of-center nonprofit funding operations.” The CRC also noted that “[w]Hile [Arabella’s] influence has traditionally been quantified in vast sums of money,” it can “also be measured by their connections to high-level officials in the executive branch.”

Boyer then called out two of the powerful dark money groups operating within Arabella’s massive apparatus: Demand Justice and the Sixteen Thirty Fund. According to InfluenceWatch, Demand Justice is an initiative of the George Soros-backed Sixteen Thirty Fund. Arabella also manages it. Interestingly, White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki previously served as “Senior Advisor” for Demand Justice. 

Boyer emphasized how the dark money network has been flexing its muscles on Biden’s Supreme Court nomination:

“‘Demand Justice, which began as a project of the dark money behemoth Sixteen Thirty Fund, has already shown its power by bullying Justice [Stephen G.] Breyer into retirement,’ said Caitlin Sutherland, executive director of the conservative-leaning Americans for Public Trust. ‘Now, with nearly unlimited resources at their disposal and insiders in the White House leading the selection process, they have a seat at the table to push their hand-picked candidates that they deem sufficiently radical.’”

Demand Justice organized the “Handmaid’s Tale” stunt during then Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation hearings, according to ABC News. The group also reportedly paid for a seven-figure ad campaign that attacked then Supreme Court nominee Amy Coney Barrett for “dodg[ing]” questions on birth control during her confirmation hearing. Demand Justice likewise insinuated that former President Donald Trump and Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell “swoop[ed] right in” to replace former Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg with Barrett so that she could help hand the 2020 presidential election to Trump.

Boyer wrote that the Sixteen Thirty Fund spent a whopping $410 million in 2020 to defeat Trump and “help Democrats win control of the Senate.” Boyer added that the Fund “pressed Mr. Biden to add seats to the Supreme Court in a failed bid to change its ideological balance” and “advocat[ed] for judicial nominees whom conservatives view as extremists.” 

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