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*Guest author Ryan Heath is a licensed attorney and President and CEO of The Gavel Project, An organization of lawyers that works to combat unethical mandates from employers and governments and preserve the liberty and freedoms of Americans, including children.  The Gavel Project currently challenges several California school districts regarding their unethical treatment of parents and students in relation to COVID-19 mask and vaccine mandates. (The opinions expressed in guest op-eds are those of the writer and do not necessarily represent the views of RedState.com.)


Asking questions is a passion of mine as a lawyer. My favorite, lately, is compound: How did we get to a place where people openly advocate that it is “reasonable” to publicly support the forcible vaccination of children when:

  • One, there is reliable evidence that children who are healthy have a low effective death rate (a Johns Hopkins study found no deaths from COVID-19 in nearly 50-thousand children).
  • All the while,We have zero knowledge of the impact that this drug could have on children in five years.

The answer to this question is obvious: There are bad people in this world who don’t mind doing bad things because it makes them rich.

All sides are ripe for the smell of absurdity. The smell of nonsense has become more severe for those on the right, with COVID-19. The attack on America’s dream is happening today through an intentional classification of society that is based on opportunity. This attack is promulgated, most notably, by the left through its control over America’s higher educational institutions.

Many teachers are selfless individuals who truly care about making their students’ lives better. They are satisfied by their students’ success. Their success is their greatest reward. In my early years, I was fortunate to have had many of these teachers. The seventh-grade math teacher was a great example.

Undiagnosed ADHD made math difficult for me as a high school student. In seventh grade, though, I was able to overcome my difficulties. That year, I had a math teacher who recognized that I wasn’t stupid, and he set out to prove it to me. Mister B encouraged me when I failed. When I did, he encouraged me and emphasized that I wasn’t, in fact, dumb. He loved me and believed in my abilities. When I acted out, he called my parents and told them that I wasn’t living up to my potential. He was honest and told me the truth. I was lazy. I would succeed if I tried.

Unfortunately, the methodology of building children up with encouragement, so that they learn to try hard and succeed, now appears to be dead in America’s education system. The left killed it; and they did so by poisoning the root…universities.

Studies show that our nation’s college professors are 95% more likely to give to Democrat political campaigns as compared to Republican. College students learn more from progressive professors than those who support conservative ideals.

Universities generally offer degrees according to a system that includes the following types of merit: Associate, which typically requires two years of undergraduate study; Bachelor of Arts and Science, which usually takes four years of studies before you can earn this title; various postgraduate degrees. Usually, an additional year of study beyond undergraduate work is necessary to earn a Master’s. A Juris Doctor (Doctor in Law) typically requires three years of postgraduate study. Following their undergraduate degree, doctors spend typically four years in medical school. After that they begin multi-year residencies to further their specialization training. The average Ph.D. student will spend six more years in medical school after their undergraduate education before they can earn the honorific.

It is unsurprising, then, that the level of degree one earns (and, thereby, the amount of time that the given individual spends in college) directly correlates with the likelihood that the person is to self-identify as having “consistently liberal political values.” Indeed, for each Republican among “health” teachers in higher education, there are apparently ninety-nine Democrats. It’s the same ratio for “English” teachers: three Republicans for ninety-seven Democrats.

The left is affected if a professor displays political bias in teaching. American society has been ravaged by this unbalanced ideology of higher education. The nation encourages its children, who cannot buy alcohol, because they don’t trust them to make smart decisions, to sign debt contracts that amount to hundreds of thousands of dollar, so these teens can study absurd theories from Marxist adjunct professors bent on destroying our country.

The majority of university professors have achieved very little in their personal lives, particularly those working in gender and social studies departments. The recipient receives a piece of paper that indicates they are able to accurately reproduce sounds from like-minded persons. Many of those responsible for educating children to build better futures have been deceiving their students about the nature of reality.

Specifically, these individuals have been teaching that, if humans are born with a certain skin color, they are oppressed by “systemic racism,” which is often evidenced by observations of disparate outcome among members of different races with a particular focus on context and history. A second lie is also presented. Another group who were born with light skin (white) is inherently racist.

It is the same propaganda used by the KKK to tell children their futures depend on their skin colour. This is a disgusting practice that should be stopped by the taxpayer.

Many college students end up with useless degrees. Universities therefore have plenty of labor pool to profit from. This exploitation is done in the form of hiring “adjunct professors.” During the past five decades, the number of adjunct faculty members has skyrocketed. Today, 25% of all university professors are full-time, tenured track faculty members, down from 78% in 1969.

Because there is such high demand for these futile positions (given that the only other job one can acquire with a degree like “Queer Studies” involves making coffee), the pay for college professors is low. Nearly three-quarters of all adjunct professors who were surveyed recently reported earning less than $25,000 an year. This puts them well below the poverty level.

While there are fewer tenured professors, college tuition has gone up dramatically. The tuition has risen 1,200% in the past 30 years (compared to 236% inflation over that same period). For the past 30 years, it has been almost impossible to get a four year undergraduate degree from an established private college. The cost for a comparable degree at a public university has almost tripled. Americans have $1.7 trillion of student loan debt.

My job requires me to teach civil disobedience among children. High school-aged students are more challenging than younger kids (puberty seems the cutoff). The main reason I didn’t want to protest, aside from the social pressure to conform was fear of college admission. While it might seem to be logical, this argument is absurd.

They refused an education that they clearly had a right to under federal and state law, including constitutional provisions. This was in California. The California Education Code Section 201 provides protection against harassment and discrimination.

It’s time to end the traditional college model.

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