Leftists Wail, Gnash Teeth Over WashPost Profile of Fox News Late-Night Star Greg Gutfeld

The Washington Post published a profile on Monday headlined “Greg Gutfeld has risen to the top at Fox News — and that’s no joke.” Leftists wish this had never happened. Aaron Rupar tweeted “this piece reads like it was written by Fox News PR. pretty embarrassing.”

Aaron Rupar’s behavior is quite embarrassing. Leftists want profiles like this to vanish…just like they want Fox News to vanish. PostManuel Roig Franzia, reporter for the Times of Israel did report that Gutfeld was a ratings hit. This might seem like corporate PR.

These predictions were defied Gutfeld! is regularly generating higher ratings than more established late-night fare, such as Jimmy Kimmel Live Jimmy Fallon is the host of The Tonight Show and has at times even topped Stephen Colbert’s Late Show

His combined viewership on the two programs — Five  Gutfeld! — soared to an average of more than 5 million per day in the fourth quarter of 2021. It’s quite a feat for an edgy former men’s magazine editor who finds himself at a network populated by some of the biggest and most enduring figures in the conservative media pantheon.

They were sure to hate this line: “With every quip and with each tick up on the ratings, this man is leading an incremental evolution towards a slightly looser vibe at Fox News as they celebrate their 20th consecutive year as the most-watched cable news channel this month.

You’ll find a lot more than the ratings. Post approach. Liberal experts are available.

In Gutfeld’s America, President Biden is a doddering geezer. Mainstream media are essentially house organs for the left. [In reality, they are a house organ for the left.] And the nation isn’t engaged in a necessary national conversation on race, and racial disparities in housing, health care and employment. Instead, he aims to persuade his audience that the nation is consumed by destructive and divisive “reverse racism” and an insidious campaign against Whites.

…What Eric Deggans, NPR’s television critic, sees at play in programs such as Gutfeld! is an effort to undermine the idea that there is systemic racism in this country.

“Some of the ways you push back against that is through humor,” says Deggans, an MSNBC contributor and author of the book, The Media Uses Dangerous Words To Divide A Nation: Race Baiter “You try to turn the term ‘woke’ into a joke and a pejorative.”

Roig Franzia called Gutfeld “fool”, while Gutfeld was referred to as an academic leftist. (Brian Stelter just tweeted that line.)

Greg Gutfeld is a puzzle. Is he merely the fool — or is he something larger? In the theater, “the fool often gets the best line,” he says.

“We’re past the point of pretending there are clean divisions between culture, politics, show business and political theater,” says Matt Sienkiewicz, a Boston College professor who is co-author of a forthcoming book, That’s Not Funny: How the Right-Wing Makes Comedy Work for Them.

Sienkiewicz’s co-author, Colorado State University associate professor Nick Marx, says they hope to issue a “warning” that conservative comedians are already a force in building a broader and younger coalition of true believers and converts, and that liberals ignore them at their peril.

Greg Gutfeld’s “peril!” An anonymous employee called him a bully. That sounds like Fox News PR.?

He’d have hissy fits over almost nothing…verbally eviscerate people,” one former Fox News staffer said, reflecting an atmosphere described by other current and former staffers, who spoke on the condition of anonymity because they weren’t authorized to discuss personnel issues. “Then, in some magical way, the next day he’d say something in such a way or crack a joke so that you’d almost kind of forget it — as would the bull’s eye of all the vitriol he was giving for no reason whatsoever. He’s a bully.” Gutfeld declined to comment.

Manuel Roig Franzia is not the one to watch if you’re looking for an ideology extremist. You can check his profile at “keepers Of Fidel Castro” and see what he has to say about Manuel Roig Franco.

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