Leftists Have a Collective Mental Breakdown Over Rittenhouse Verdict – Opinion

Now the verdict has been rendered and the trial is closed. Kyle Rittenhouse was found not guilty of all charges in relation to the Kenosha shooting. As you might have expected, the left wasn’t too happy about the jury’s decision.

Twitterverse is now full of hot take from aggrieved virtue-signaling leftists, whining about America being a racist country because it didn’t convict a man, who clearly defends himself from three aggressors. Enjoy these gems.

Voto Latino, a left-wing activist organization ostensibly dedicated to “empowering a new generation of Latinx voters,” tweeted:

Kyle Rittenhouse has been found “not guilty” on all charges.

We all saw this coming but this is another reminder that white supremacy is alive and well in America.

Far-left progressive group Democracy Now also chimed in, claiming that Rittenhouse’s verdict was the result of “white supremacy.” They tweeted:

The Nation’s @ElieNYC predicted weeks ago that Rittenhouse would likely go free. “I don’t have a crystal ball,” he said. “What I know is the law, and what I know is what white people are willing to do to defend white supremacy.”

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio defended the men who attacked Rittenhouse, calling them “victims”:

Joseph Rosenbaum and Anthony Huber are both victims. They ought to be alive right now.

The only reason they’re not is because a violent, dangerous man chose to take a gun across state lines and start shooting people.

It is an exaggeration to call it a miscarriage in justice.

Shaun King (also known as Martin Luther Cream) is a leftist grifter and activist who takes issue with the gun laws that are said to be used against black Americans. His words were:

BREAKING: Kyle Rittenhouse just was found not guilty on all charges. They all did.

Gun laws are ultimately a result of the creation and writing of gun laws. They have been enforced in America to safeguard white men and boys.

These same laws are used primarily to penalize Black people.


MSNBC’s Joy Reid also weighed in:

We knew, but it’s sometimes helpful to remind ourselves how America was designed to work. It works as intended. We have learned again what is considered legal for *some* people to do in America. It’s helpful to know where you stand in your country. Keep your safety in mind.

California senator Scott Wiener brought Tamir Rice’s shooting into this situation.

-12 year old Tamir Rice is killed for looking like a “threat” while playing.

-17 year old vigilante Kyle Rittenhouse — who shot & killed 2 people — is acquitted.

The American people have been again deeply disappointed by our racist justice system.

Rashad Robinson, the President of Color of Change also said that the acquittal was attributable to white supremacy.

It’s not that Rittenhouse’s acquittal is a win for white supremacy. It’s that Rittenhouse was acquitted BECAUSE white supremacy  still controls the entire process.

Since the story became public, left-leaning politicians and media activists have been pushing for white supremacy since. Right-leaning politicians, media activists said Rittenhouse was a violent white supremacist looking to get blood in Kenosha at that time.

However, not a single one of these individuals found a shred of evidence showing that the young man holds racist views – and there can be no doubt that they scoured his social media, desperately looking for any post that could be construed as bigoted. Unfortunately, they will continue using this story to push their “everyone is racist” narrative. It begs the question: Can America purchase it?

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