LeBron James Finds a New Way to Criticize the United States, While Remaining Quiet About China – Opinion

LeBron James has once again criticised the United States of America. Brittney Griner (WNBA) was still in Russia after being arrested in February for carrying vape bottles containing cannabis oils in her luggage.

On the recent taping of “The Shop,” James said if he were in Griner’s situation, he would question returning to America.

“Now, how can she feel like America has her back? I would be feeling like, ‘Do I even want to go back to America?’”

James doesn’t seem to think that the United States does enough to send Griner home. Griner, however, did violate Russian law.

It’s worth noting that President Biden and Vice President Harris spoke with Griner’s wife, Charelle. Secretary of State Anthony Blinken has also communicated with Griner’s family.

Griner pleaded guilty recently to drug possession in Russia. It is not clear if Griner will stay in Russia to serve her sentence or whether the Biden administration can get her safely home. Griner was not sentenced but could be facing 10 years prison.

Three UCLA students were shoplifted in China in 2017. Jalen Hill, Cody Riley and LiAngelo ball were reportedly caught shoplifting sunglasses at a Louis Vuitton boutique. Donald Trump, a former President, worked closely with Xi Jinping the President of China to bring the UCLA athletes back to the United States.

We are yet to know if the Biden administration can reach an agreement with Putin or Russian officials to bring Griner back to America.

As that’s going on, LeBron found a new way, again, to criticize America. LeBron became a billionaire because of the same America. This is the same America that gave LeBron the chance to earn millions through the NBA. He also earned millions via sponsorship from Nike. We hear nothing from LeBron except negative remarks about America.

LeBron will be critical of the country giving him the right to critique her, not totalitarian states like China. He seems to have a say about everything, whether it’s a horrible mass shooting, politicians, legislation, the police, and protests, but not the riots, not the death of 17-year-old Ethan Liming that took place in LeBron’s “I Promise School” in Akron, Ohio, and of course, no comment about China and the forced labor in Xinjiang.

James chooses to be too vocal and quiet on certain topics. James should be consistent. If he is going to talk about an atrocious mass shooting in America, he should speak about the atrocious incident in his school in Akron, Ohio; if he doesn’t, it’s evident that he is one of the biggest hypocrites there is. America allows him to choose the topics he wants to speak about. This is unlike other countries, which prohibit criticism of the government and the country.

But the fact that James said, if he were in Griner’s shoes, he’d ask “Do I even want to go back to America?” is a slap in the face to veterans, heroes that died on the battlefield, and those in the military right now, who have preserved America’s freedoms and have given James an opportunity to be as successful as he is, and a platform to say whatever he wants. James wouldn’t have the same freedoms or opportunities in China and Russia. He would be restricted from speaking, criticizing, or expressing himself freely. There is no other to way put it — LeBron James is a hypocrite.

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