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Woman Allegedly Coughed on Cops – Told Them ‘I Have the Coronavirus and Now So Do You’

A New Jersey woman allegedly became belligerent after crashing her car, coughed on police and told them they now had coronavirus.

Lea Piazza, 28, was arrested Thursday on suspicion of drunk driving charges, the Washington Post reported.

Piazza is alleged to have told police after coughing on them, “Oh by the way, I have the coronavirus and now so do you.”

Hanover police immediately ordered self-quarantine for the three officers who came in contact with Piazza and called health officials.

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Piazza was not found to be infected with the flu-like respiratory illness, but was charged with causing a false public alarm, driving while intoxicated, careless driving, reckless driving and refusal to take a breath test.

She was released pending a court date.

Police Capt. Dave White said Piazza called police the day following her arrest and apologized for her behavior.

“We’re not taking this stuff lightly,” White said. “So, if anything, this sets an example. Don’t screw around.”

White said Piazza grew belligerent when officers tried to question her at the scene of the accident, breathing on an officer despite repeatedly being told to stop.

When taken to police headquarters, Piazza continued breathing on officers and then coughed before uttering her alarming declaration.

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She said her boyfriend had been hospitalized for having contracted the coronavirus. When contacted, the boyfriend said he’d only been on one date with Piazza, barely knew her and had been in the hospital for a dental issue.

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