Latino Media SUPPRESS That Richmond Shooters Were Here ILLEGALLY 

The national Spanish-speaking media’s foremost advocates of illegal immigrants suddenly bowed their heads and stopped telling their audience that two Guatemalan men were arrested for planning to set up a 4 acre farm in Richmond.ThThe July massacre was a result of illegal immigrants, who had Relating to drug gangs It is available in Mexico as well as the U.S.  

Instead, the three reports that added up to just over three minutes and aired over Telemundo, Univision and CNN En Español (CNNEE), on July 7th, omitted the information about the unnamed men, shifting instead to the subject du jour at the corporate networks: the big, bad guns.  

Watch Univision´s take on the alleged plan (a bit of news that was quickly bumped from the news cycles):

Noticiero Univisión: Edición Digital


BORJA VOCCES: July 4, could have been even worse had another mass shooting occurred. But thanks to an informant, they are calling a hero today. He stopped another attack and saved many lives. The informant called Richmond Police three days before, claiming that he heard a conversation where someone was planning to attack the Dogewood Dell amphitheater. This event hosted approximately 2,400 people. Following the call, two Guatemalans were arrested, and two assault rifles and a pistol – listen to this – with 200 bullets were seized. This is amazing.

“Following the call, two Guatemalans were arrested, and two assault rifles and a pistol – listen to this – with 200 bullets were seized”, anchor Borja Voces said in awe, while leaving out important information like the one published by the Washington Post, linking the men to the “Zetas”, a well-established gang with operations in Mexico and the United States.

At CNNEE anchor Ione Molinares and correspondent Gustavo Valdes, spoke about a terrorist attack, gun and munitions, and how an anonymous hero saved thousands, but they ‘forgot’ to offer any details of the aliens, even while twice mentioning their nationality and country of origin. Watch:

CNN En Español


IONE MOLINARES – In Richmond, Virginia, a possible attack was stopped. It seems that there were Hispanics involved. Let us know more. 

GUSTAVO VALEDES: Ione, thank you. We found out that two Hispanics from Guatemala were being held by the authorities. The plan was to launch a major attack on an amphitheater located in this city, where around 2,400 people are allowed. 


According to the Guatemalan consulate, Maryland’s Twitter account reports that they have attempted to obtain these suspects. This investigation is being conducted by the Department of Homeland Security.

The disregard shown in reports such as these only shows how little the Spanish-speaking media care for the public. Latinos deserve better.

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