Latino Media OMIT Mention of ‘Scary Poppins’ in DGB Coverage

The nation’s Spanish-speaking media have taken the censorious mission of the newly created Disinformation Governance Board (DGB) to heart. So much so, that instead of revealing the true nature of Biden´s own Ministry of Truth and the ‘Scary Poppins’ at its helm, they managed to pass it off to their audiences, in the words of Telemundo anchor Julio Vaqueiro, as a “disinformation board against coyotes and human traffickers”, created for the sole purpose of telling migrants ‘the truth’ about Title 42.

Of course, the poetic license fits the networks’ laser-focus on immigration, so crucial for their long-term survival, as we can see in these two reports from Telemundo and Univision on the DGB:


JULIO VALEIRO: Alejandro Mayorkas, Secretary of Homeland Security announced that a disinformation board was created to combat coyotes as well as human traffickers who try to convince more people to visit the United States. They tell them that there is no border and they are free to cross it.


JORGE RAMOS. Alejandro Mayorkas supported today’s hearing in Congress for the Department of Homeland Security created a new board to fight disinformation. Republican lawmakers expressed concerns that this board would be misused against Conservatives. 

Ambivalence is the driving force behind the language, as is the case with Latino networks reporting negative news about the Biden administration. Take, for example, the fact that neither Telemundo or Univision mentioned who would head the DGB. Also, the scandal surrounding her public statements is what made the DGB public. Instead they designed their reports to show Mayorkas in charge.

To include Nina Jancowicz in the photo would detract from their pro open borders storyline which is so popular on Univision and Telemundo.  Which is why to date, the disinformation czar’s psychotic tweets and videos have been kept out of the Hispanic networks, where the audiences can positively relate to the lunacy of her proposals, including that of allowing certain elites to edit other people’s tweets and social media posts to “add context.”

A vast majority of Latino (and other) immigrants have first-hand knowledge of living under oppressive and censorious government regimes; that is precisely what they are running away from, and why they risk their own lives to find a future in the land of the free – the United States. 

Diverting the whole issue as one of “protecting innocent immigrants from untruths” does these networks’ audiences a grave disservice by omitting the DGB’s censorious intent. DGB is more than this and viewers are entitled to the TRUTH. What we say or how we communicate it is none of the government’s business, and it is not their role to decide what the truth is.

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