Larry Elder Is Considering a Presidential Run in 2024 – Opinion

Larry Elder is a radio host and former California Governor’s candidate. He said that he was considering a run for President in 2024. After being the Newsom recall candidate’s frontrunner, Elder announced this. Elder placed first among the recall candidates, and Newsom was second in 2021.

Elder won a total of 3,563 867 recall votes, which is 48.5 percent among all recall candidates. Some may argue that Elder would not have been elected to the race, and the recall wouldn’t have been as successful. According to polls, the recall ended in a tie before Elder was elected. It seemed like Elder thought, due to name recognition, he should announce his run for Governor on Sean Hannity’s Fox News prime-time show, which would ensure a successful recall.

The media and blue checkmarks on Twitter started an attack campaign against Elder from the time he entered the race. Gavin Newsom painted the recall as a “Republican recall” and “Republican takeover” while also bringing Joe Biden to the state to say that Elder is another Donald Trump and that voters should reject him. The smearing went so far that the “activist” Los Angeles Times wrote a piece with the headline “Larry Elder is the Black face of White Supremacy.” As well as calling him a “threat to Black Californians.”

It’s important to note that there were liberal Californians at Elder’s rallies, and Democrats voted against Newsom in the recall as well, so this was not a “Republican recall” — there were individuals from all parties who voted to recall Newsom. Because of the fear-mongering, constant smear campaign and the lies they told people, the recall failed.

It will be an uphill battle for Elder if he decides to run for President because of the mainstream media’s propaganda that will be fed to voters. Elder told FOXLA’s Elex Michaelson that he is considering a presidential run back in January:

“Who knows what the future will bring? … If the phone rings, I’m going to answer it … I enjoy campaigning far more than I thought I would … I’m not closing the door on what might happen.”

Michaelson asked Elder if he was open to running for the presidency. Elder said, “I’m looking at it.” But Elder is open to running for a different public office position as well.

Elder currently has a PAC named Elder For America. He is focused on increasing school choice and recalling progressive prosecutors such as Los Angeles District attorney George Gascon, San Francsico DA Chesa Bodin (now recalled), as well as electing a GOP Congress.

Los Angeles DA George Gascon could be recall; nationally, a red tide is expected in November. Elder plays a part in helping make this a reality.

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