Lara Logan Kicks Twitter, Facebook, Instagram to the Curb, and She Tells It Like It Is – Opinion

Award-winning journalist and Fox Nation host Lara Logan said “adios” to Big Tech platforms on Thursday, announcing that she was quitting Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram because she will no longer contribute to platforms that “glorify and enrich themselves at the expense of children who they knowingly exploit.”

The bottom line is tough. Professional who is tough as nails journalist.

I’m leaving Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. I cannot in good conscience contribute to platforms who glorify & enrich themselves at the expense of children who they knowingly exploit. It was shocking to discover that children and animals were sexually exploited/abused.

principledA professional is highly respected by the woman she works for journalistPeers, that’s what I ought to have said. A group that is a rare and dying breed, regardless of which side of the aisle one “leans.” (Kowtows.)


According to The Daily Wire Twitter moved in March 2021 to dismiss a child pornography suit by claiming Section 230 protection under the Communications Decency Act. Section 230, a Section 47 section of Title 47 U.S. Code that was created as part the Communications Decency Act generally provides Site platforms have immunity in relation to content from third parties

The suit was filed by an underage victim, but Twitter claimed that even if all of the minor’s allegations were true, there would be no “legal basis for holding Twitter liable for the perpetrators’ despicable acts.”

As noted by Daily Wire, the victim, named “John Doe,” said the company He did not agree to delete pornographic photos and videos. and another teen because the platform “didn’t find a violation of our policies.”

Ultimately, the boy’s mother said that she contacted a Department of Homeland Security agent who helped her get the offending posts taken down.

We reported that in a lawsuit against Twitter in the early 2021, a boy was recruited to sex trafficking. He claimed that he had to suffer his sexual abuse on Twitter as well, even though attempts to remove it were unsuccessful.

In Logan’s announcement, she expressed disgust at the “depraved ideology” being pushed by “the same platforms” that censor the free speech of those with whom Big Tech disagrees.

Logan also shared a YouTube clip that explained the controversy around Shane Dawson (a YouTuber whose videos allegedly featured controversial subjects). “Watch this for some insight into how many are complicit/profiting,” she said, adding:

For now I will be on Gettr, Locals & any platform that prioritizes the rights of children, animals, free speech & basic human decency.

CNN — AKA: The Most Trusted Name in News™ — was unavailable for comment.

Dawson — who boasted more than 20 million YouTube followers — was booted from the platform in 2020 after old videos surfaced in which he made racial slurs, portrayed racial stereotypes, and told jokes about pedophilia. A 2019 audio excerpt from his podcast. Shane and Friends Online, he also joked about his sexual abuse of his cat.

Dawson returned to YouTube on October 20, 2021, sixteen months after his prediction that he would. Upon his return, as reported by Business Insider, Dawson said he was “grateful” he was canceled last summer and still “doesn’t care” what people think of him.

Apparently, neither does YouTube — with the exception of luring back those 20+ million followers and the associated advertising revenue to come.

None of this should shock anyone who pays a modicum amount of attention to the blatant hypocrisy — and lack of moral certitude — of Big Tech. We’ve seen it before, and we will continue to see it.

Moreover, as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and other left-“leaning” social media platforms, have shown us time and time again, they always seem to err in deference to the far-left, with themselves — and their bottom lines — at the top of the hypocritical list.

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