Kyrsten Sinema’s Bathroom Harassers Find out the Police’s Recommended Charges, but There’s a Problem – Opinion

On October 3rd, deranged liberals who purport to be “immigrant youths” including one male “activist” actually followed Arizona Democratic Sen. Kyrsten Sinema into the women’s restroom at Arizona State University and proceeded to film her walking into a bathroom stall. They kept filming her, with the only stall door between them. Then she left to go and wash her hands.

The video shows that there were other women who used the facilities at that time. As a result, the group called Living United for Change in Arizona and continued filming. If you missed it, the clip is available below.

The Arizona Republic updated this story Wednesday to report that four protestors were being charged with misdemeanor crimes by the ASU PD.

The Arizona State University Police Department is asking the Maricopa County Attorney’s Office to charge four people with misdemeanors after they recorded themselves protesting against Sen. Kyrsten Sinema, interrupting a class she was teaching and continuing to follow and record Sinema in the bathroom on campus.


Adam Wolfe, ASU spokesperson, said that the four individuals are being charged with disorderly conduct, and disrupting an educational institution. Both are misdemeanors. The charges are not related to the Arizona Republic law banning recording people in bathrooms.

It was not possible to release the names of these four LUCHA members.

These recommended police charges, in my opinion, don’t go far enough. You’d think considering we have video evidence from the accused themselves of them filming Sinema while she was in the restroom would be evidence enough to charge them with something related to, I dunno, Filming someone in the toiletand thus violating their privacy. Nick Arama, my RedState colleague, speculated that the Arizona law could have been broken by them in this manner earlier in the month.

3-3019 Surreptitious photography, videotaping, filming, or digitally recording; exclusions; classification; definitions

A. It is unlawful for any person to knowingly photograph, videotape, film, digitally record or by any other means secretly view, with or without a device, another person without that person’s consent under either of the following circumstances:

1. If the individual is using a bathroom, toilet or locker room and has reasonable expectations of privacy, or if the person is involved in any sexual intercourse, or contact, they should not be in a bedroom, restroom, or elsewhere where the person can urinate, defecate, dress, undress, nude, or is dressing, undressing, or engaging with sexual intercourse.

2. In a manner that directly or indirectly captures or allows the viewing of the person’s genitalia, buttock or female breast, whether clothed or unclothed, that is not otherwise visible to the public.

B. Without the permission or knowledge of the subject, it is illegal to divulge, display, distribute, publish, or publicly disclose a photograph or videotape or film made in violation subsection A.

It seems pretty clear to me that the activists were in violation of this law, but apparently the ASU police didn’t see it that way. Same goes for possible trespassing charge recommendations, which also didn’t happen.

These are only the suggestions of police. The prosecutor’s office could end up deciding to go further once they’ve had a chance to fully review the case.

After President Joe Biden made his comments, the incident provoked outrage from the left.

“I don’t think they’re appropriate tactics, but it happens to everybody,” Biden stated at the time before laughing. “The only people it doesn’t happen [to]There are many people with Secret Service available. It’s part of the process.”

So-called “feminists” and others on the left, including Democratic men who would erupt in outrage if anything like this happened to a female loved one or a female boss/colleague showed their true colors as well, with some taking a blame-the-victim approach and others suggesting it was imperative upon Sinema’s constituents to “bully” her in the restroom if they felt the circumstances warranted it.

Sinema seems to be enjoying the last laugh with her bathroom stalkers. She resists pressure to accept reconciliation bills they requested she support, which are still stuck in Congress.

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