Knicks Interested in Donovan Mitchell, NFL Generated Billions in Revenue in 2021, and More – Opinion

There was some slow news in sports, with the NBA reporting big news. The NFL is still the dominant network in terms of ratings and brought in billions last year. Let’s start with the NBA news.

NBA Roundup:

New York Knicks want to be a bigTrade Donovan Mitchell, Utah Jazz’s star guard, to make a splash. A hypothetical trade would send seven picks in the first round, including guards Evan Fournier, Quinten Grimes and forward Cam Reddish. Although the Knicks are likely to give away a lot of draft picks, Mitchell could be added to make a strong lineup. Mitchell Robinson, Donovan Mitchell and Julius Randle would make a formidable lineup for most NBA teams. The final deal or whether there is one will be fascinating to watch. However, the Knicks will still be competitive if it’s done.

According to ESPN’s NBA insider Adrian Wojnarowski, center Deandre Ayton agreed to a four-year, $133 million maximum offer sheet with the Indiana Pacers. Within 48 hours, the Phoenix Suns were able to match the NBA’s largest offer sheet. The Suns promptly matched the offer sheet. However, they were able to make a deal with Pacers for Myles Turner. It seems that Ayton will remain with them.

Utah Jazz has made all veterans players available to trade including Bojan Bogdanovic (sharpshooter). There are many teams interested in trading him.

Austin Rivers: Free guard agent agreedTo a one year deal with the Minnesota Timberwolves. The Timberwolves acquired Rivers as Beverley’s replacement following the Rudy Gobert Trade.

NFL Roundup:

Roger Goodell, the NFL commissioner set a goal to reach $25 billion in total revenue by 2027. The NFL made $11 million in revenue in 2021.

Mitchell Schwartz, right tackle for the Kansas City Chiefs (and Cleveland Browns) officiallySchwartz announced that he will be retiring from the NFL. Schwartz, who was an all-pro four-time selection, won Super Bowl LIV in Kansas City.

As RedState’s Brad Slager reported Thursday, the NFL is set to announce its Sunday ticket service will move to a streaming platform. The league rights are being offered to Apple, Disney and Amazon.

New England Patriots traded wide receiver N’Keal Harry to the Chicago Bears. Harry was looking for a fresh start. He will be looking to be the wide receiver of the highest caliber. Josh Fields’ young quarterback will be pleased to have him as a player.

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