Kitchen Cabinets and Countertops – What’s New and In Style?

Kitchen fixtures such as countertops and cabinets change and evolve over time. Thanks to fast manufacturing, a countertop style or a cabinet design’s popularity may vary from one season to the next. Replacing a countertop does take a lot of effort. Kitchen Magic mentions significant risks associated with replacing your cabinets before your countertops. Doing both at the same time or the cabinets first would be the best order of events. Even so, what do you replace your old countertops and cabinets with? What’s popular these days in the world of kitchen design?

Adding Textures and Color

When redoing cabinets and countertops, it’s always a concern to ensure that you have a splash of color in there. Choosing appliances should also take the same point under consideration. Adding texture to an otherwise white kitchen does come with its caveats, however. Because of the vast array of appliance colors that you have access to now, you may be spoiled for choice. In such a case, color coordination becomes one of the essential concerns you’ll have. You don’t want colors that contrast too harshly with your cabinet or countertop finishes.

Additionally, you want something that feels warm and inviting. Stainless steel finishes are practical, and if you’re going for a more futuristic look, it could work. However, it could also have that unapproachable feeling that throws off your whole decor and turns it into less of a kitchen and more of an operating theatre.

Kitchen Sink Options

Under-mounted sinks are great for a lot of kitchens. They’re easy to install, and cleanup is pretty quick. You don’t need to have anything special to wipe water up after a dishwashing or cooking session. The water all goes into the sink. However, an apron-front sink also has a unique draw. If you’re looking at a style that blends favorably with this choice, you should go for it. The most popular sink you’ll find in kitchens around the world is the stainless steel one. They’re the cheapest to manufacture, and they find themselves everywhere, from household sinks to industrial kitchens. You’ll have to be regularly cleaning to ensure that spots don’t form on your kitchen sink, but it adds a touch of modernity to a kitchen that you might appreciate in your design.

Granite or Quartz Countertops

Granite countertops have a unique feel to them, almost like bringing the outside world inside. They’re durable and can stand up to heavy use, but they also can be a harsh look in some kitchens. If you’re looking at a countertop upgrade, quartz countertops with creative cabinets and fine finishes are an ideal option. Quartz is durable and can fit almost any decor. It’s built for an active lifestyle and cleans up easily, much more so than granite. If you want a lighter color blend for your kitchen, quartz offers some charming finishes that perfectly fit your interior decor.

Styles Evolve

These options aren’t the be-all-and-end-all of a kitchen redesign, but they are a start. If you’re looking for a kitchen upgrade, this is the best time to get it done. The wide variety of choices you have is wide-ranging and offers you many options for mixing and matching your decor.

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