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The Importance of Voting

Judge Napolitano And The Importance Of Voting

Judge Andrew Napolitano has always been quite vocal concerning the “Right To Vote” vs “The Privilege To Vote”. His argument being that it has become too easy to acquire the ability to vote, and therefore, too many ineligible individuals have improperly been given the privilege. What is often lost in that discussion is the underlying reasoning. Why Is The Privilege To Vote Important? While Napolitano is generally viewed as a Republican pundit, it is more proper to consider him a Conservative in the traditional sense.

Voting, Judge Napolitano suggests, is not so much about party, but is more about individual personalities. America does not have two unique political parties any longer. We have one big government with two teams that fear each other. The Democratic team likes to spend on war and giving away money to individual welfare. It funds its activity by borrowing money and taxing the wealthy. Its primary goal is staying in power. Then, there is the Republican team. They like war and defending corporate welfare. They fund their activity through borrowing and taxes on the working class. Their primary goal is also staying in power. The perception of the public is that one team takes from the rich and gives to the poor. The other takes from the poor while defending the rich. Voters fear that if the “other team” is elected their way of life will end and the country will be doomed. In actuality, both parties increase taxes, increase debt, enact laws that only benefit themselves, and spend too much time trying to retain power. In doing so, they show discontent with anyone who is not on their side.

At a deeper level the question becomes: What is the role of government? Since the founding of the nation many believed that patriots can love their country but fear their government. Government does not create liberty and freedom. Our mutual humanity and respect for each other provides those things. Bigger government is detrimental to the natural harmony of society. Too much government only serves to infringe on personal choice and sow discontent between social groups. We don’t need a government who takes care of us. We need a government that provides us the knowledge and ability to take care of ourselves. Napolitano suggests that our privilege to vote should be focused on the individual candidate. We need to vote for the candidate that appears most like us. Honesty, modesty, empathy, and adherence to the spirit of The Constitution are the traits we need to focus on.

Judge Napolitano simply believes there is too much government. Americans should be able to live life as they see fit without government intrusion. By inserting itself in every aspect of daily life the government has become too big, too intrusive, and too expensive. The government should revert back to the spirit of The Constitution and stick to it. As voters it is incumbent upon us to use our privilege to this end. Party can not get us there. We need to look at who, which individual politicians, are most likely to move the nation away from governmental control and toward The Constitution.

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