Khrystian Collins Arrested for Locking Himself in Car to Avoid Sex With GF

Man Avoids Sex With Girlfriend by Locking Himself in Car and Refusing to Come Out – Gets Arrested

An Ohio man escaped the sexual advances of his girlfriend by locking himself in a hot car on Thursday. He was soon after arrested for his efforts.

Warren Police charged Khrystian Collins, 24, with domestic violence, trespass, obstructing official business and resisting arrest, NBC-affiliate WFMJ reported.

A 24-year-old woman called officers to her home on Thursday after Collins locked himself inside her Kia Optima and refused to come out, according to a police report.

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Through a cracked window, Collins told the first officer to respond to the scene that he was hiding out from his sex-crazed girlfriend and that her apartment was too hot.

Collins’ girlfriend confirmed his account, telling police he ran out of her residence because he didn’t want to have sex, according to the report. His girlfriend also told police that Collins threatened to hit her.

Eventually, more officers arrived at the scene and were able to pull a resisting Collins out of the vehicle. At one point, Collins rolled the window up on an officer that was reaching inside to try to unlock the car’s door.

During an arraignment in municipal court on Friday, Collins pled not guilty to the pending charges against him. He faces another court hearing sometime in September.

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Khrystian Collins and the gendered debate over domestic disputes

According to government data, women are the primary targets of domestic violence, and the #MeToo movement has drawn renewed attention to the ways that men oppress and abuse women. However, a large number of men face domestic violence, too, and their experiences are often dismissed. In the United States, one in seven adult men have endured “severe” domestic violence, according to the National Domestic Violence Hotline.

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