Kavanaugh Neighborhood Under Siege as Nightly Pro-Abortion Protesters Harass Residents – Opinion

Lucky for you, you’re probably not a neighbor of Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh, but if you were, your evenings would be punctuated by “loud and vulgar,” almost-nightly protests from abortion proponents shouting about the recent SCOTUS overturn of Roe V. Wade.

The Washington Post visited the Chevy Chase, Md., suburb of Washington, D.C. to interview Kavanaugh’s neighbors, and although many in the predominantly liberal enclave refused to go on record, most of the ones who did were not pleased with the disruptions.

“I understand where their passion comes from,” said pro-abortion 46-year-old artist Emily Emily Strulson, “but I’ve had enough.”

Bonchie, my colleague, reported on Tuesday the Supreme Court’s pro-abortion demonstrations. There were numerous arrests and the funny sight of Reps Ilhan Olmar (AOC) pretending that they are handcuffed. His argument is great:

It is still unclear what protesting before the Supreme Court serves as a point. Justices already overturned Roe V. Wade Through the Dobbs decision. They cannot reverse the decisions they made, even though they wish to.

Although he’s talking about the protests in front of the Supreme Court, his point applies to the Kavanaugh protesters too.

Back in Kavanaugh’s neighborhood, residents bemoan the intrusion on their lives. Lyric Winik, Resident:

A large majority of the people in this area are pro-choice. And the very vast majority of people here think that these protesters have gotten out of control…

They call us fascists. This is not healthy. We’ve got kids on this street scared to leave their homes. I do think they’re hurting their own cause

One concerned was lamented:

…the protesters had become “more belligerent, using lots of foul language in their chants” and “have left signs with offensive language.” He continued, “I am expressly concerned for the safety of children on our street, including my own. Kids have stopped playing outside due to fear and the consistent presence of protesters.”

One constant slogan bandied about out by protesters: “Keep your religion! Off my vagina!” Nice. This is a neighborhood full of children.

The protests have continued even though President Joe Biden is yet to condemn Kavanaugh’s recent assassination attempt. Furthermore, the administration encourages harassment of Supreme Court Judges. “This is what a democracy is,” Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre said July 8 when asked about the incident where Kavanaugh was forced from a restaurant by protesters.

Now the big question: Where is the police? Is there a Justice Department? You can be sure that I am certain that it is there if you need it. Roe had not been overturned, and Pro-Lifers were demonstrating outside liberal Justice Elena Kagan’s house, hyper-partisan Attorney General Merrick Garland would go down to the neighborhood ASAP to personally oversee the arrest of protesters.

Why? Because protesting in front of a Supreme Court Justice’s house is Illegal. Please refer to Title 18, Section 1507 of the U.S. Code. This section was created in 1950.

Any person who has the intention of interfering in, obstructing or impeding justice administration or intent to influence any judge or juror witness or other court official to discharge his duties. Pickets and paradesNear or within a building that houses a United States Court of Justice, or Near a residence or building occupied by such a judgeAny juror, witness or court officer who with this intent uses any sound truck or similar device, or resorts or displays in any building or residence shall be subject to this penalty or imprisonment not exceeding one year or both. (Emphasis mine.)

It would seem that this is quite obvious. However, protesters and law enforcement are using a loophole: As long as you keep moving, it’s not considered picketing. It’s a complete crock. “Those that have been here before know that you just walk, you keep continuously moving, no problem,” police Capt. Jason Cokinos said. “We’ll help you with that.”

That’s great. The police are helping protesters get around what is clearly the intent of the law, which is to prevent people from protesting outside justices’ homes. They continue to do so:

While police recently took steps to reduce the use of bullhorns, and other devices that enhance the senses, the protests have not stopped. I can imagine it being a nightmare to see protests every night outside your house. It must be noted, however, that most of the people interviewed were strongly in support of abortion, they just didn’t like all the hassle in They neighborhood. My guess is they’d probably strongly support the protests if they were happening in someone else’s ‘hood.

Perhaps yours.

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