Katy Perry Cries After Seeing Contestant’s Surprise Proposal: ‘Why Won’t Someone Love Me Like That?’

“Why won’t someone love me like that?”

Proud feminist pop star Katy Perry broke down in tears after witnessing an “American Idol” contestant’s surprise proposal during an episode of the singing competition broadcast Monday night.

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After contestant Johanna Jones’ now-fiancé surprised her by coming out on stage and popping the question, Perry fell to her knees in an over-the-top display of emotion. The ardent supporter of former presidential candidate Hillary Clinton sobbed as her fellow “American Idol” judges, Jones’ parents and audience members applauded the moving scene.


“Get off the stage!” the singer crowed after Jones said “yes” and the couple embraced. The contestant’s fiancé, Matt, told the stunned audience that he hadn’t been able to attend “American Idol” Season 17’s Hollywood Week because he’d been busy with exams. But as soon as his exams were over, he drove 11 hours from Nevada to Los Angeles’ Orpheum Theatre to propose.

“Why won’t someone love me like that?” Perry wailed as her fellow judge, country music heartthrob Luke Bryan, shot a cellphone video to capture the “Firework” singer’s pain up close and personal.


The episode was apparently taped prior to Perry’s engagement to actor Orlando Bloom in February. It is the singer’s second engagement. She was previously married to British actor, Russell Brand, from 2010 to 2012.

Some of feminism’s harsher critics caricature the ideology’s adherents as overly emotional and mentally unhinged. Feminists have decried and even embraced the accusation – in some cases coopting their purported emotionality as a defiant rallying cry.


Elle Magazine argued in 2015 that crying was having a “feminist moment” and pondered whether publicly shedding tears was the new “power move.”

“There is an entire female reclamation of tears happening online, where women who have been told for years that to cry in public – especially at work – is to lose all credibility are now flaunting their waterworks,” Elle claimed.

Earlier this month, a celebrity dancer tearfully recounted her experience being turned away from a barber shop because she is a woman.

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In an Instagram video, Karen Clifton, a 36-year-old reality TV star, said she felt it was “important” to take a stand for women’s rights by sharing what happened to her. She tried to get her short hair trimmed at Jack’s of London, she complained, but was told that shop is for men only.

“I went over today to get a haircut, and they said I wasn’t allowed to because I’m a woman,” Clifton said, weeping. “I mean what are we in the Stone Ages?”

Commenters on social media celebrated the Venezuelan Latin dancer for her perceived bravery. “My heart goes out to you. No way you should have been treated like this xx hope your ok . Hope the barbers are ashamed of themselves,” said one Instagram user.


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