Kathy Barnette Has Crossed a Line in Pennsylvania – Opinion

Given my dislike for Dr. Mehmet O, I find it hard to believe that this article has been written. It’s my opinion that Kathy Barnette has crossed a line in Pennsylvania, and we need to talk about it.

Barnette, who is running to be the GOP Senate nominee in Georgia, has been in a heated battle with Oz McCormick and Dave McCormick. McCormick has moved up into third place according to most polls. Now, she’s letting it be known that she will not support any of the other Republicans if she loses the primary.

This is a big red flag, not because it’s not acceptable to have principled disagreements with competitors in a primary, but because the ultimate goal has to be delivering control of the Senate to Republicans. In the grand scheme of things, it simply doesn’t matter whether the senator from Pennsylvania is Barnette, Oz, or McCormick as long as the GOP has the power to stop Biden’s radical judges and nominees going forward.

Again, that’s not to say you shouldn’t vote your conscience in the primary. Of course, you should, and if that’s Kathy Barnette for some people, pull the lever for her. While the gloves should be removed during the primary, the gloves need to return when national power balance is in play and the general elections kick into gear. That Barnette is saying she’d help nuke the GOP’s chances of regaining the Senate if she loses fair and square is not the way.

I’ve made it no secret that I’m not a fan of Oz, and in fact, I’ve been largely complimentary of Barnette, but this changes things for me. We need nominees who understand the power dynamics at play and are willing to do what’s necessary to ensure victory. This isn’t middle school, and no candidate, even if they lose a primary, should just take their ball and go home. Although I can understand some of the doubts about GOP leadership, it’s imperative that Republicans win the Senate to be able to stop harmful legislation and judge abuses.

Just as I would expect Trump and Oz to support Barnette, she should give them her support if that’s how the chips fall. That she doesn’t want to do that makes me question whether she has the strategic vision and ability to hold the office she’s running for. While I hate globalism, it is too important to not get involved in an extended slap fight once the race becomes real. Hopefully, Barnette reconsiders her position if she doesn’t come out on top Tuesday evening.

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