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Though we’ve heard one lame excuse after the other from Democrat apologists about why the turnover rate in Kamala Harris’ office seems high considering she hasn’t even hit the two-year mark of her time as Vice President, the fact remains that key people on her team in senior leadership roles are running – not walking – to the exits ahead of the 2022 midterm elections.

Perhaps Team Kamala is most concerned by the latest news on this front. According to the Washington Post, Harris’ “longest-serving aide” Rohini Kosoglu, who worked as Chief of Staff in her office when she was in the Senate, was part of her failed presidential campaign team, and who currently holds a domestic policy advisor role in the Veep’s office, will be stepping away in August, citing “family time”:

Her decision to leave comes amid concerns among some Democrats about high turnover on the vice president’s team and Harris’s political viability at a time when President Biden is saddled with low approval ratings.

In an interview, Kosoglu — who has three sons, ages 9, 6 and almost 3 — cited a desire to spend more time with her family and dismissed the notion that her departure should be viewed as part of a pattern of staff instability. Kosoglu advised Harris on many issues including reproductive rights and maternal health.

“It’s been six years, and she understands that my family’s very much looking forward to this time, and that I will always be here should she need any trusted information or counsel,” Kosoglu said in an interview. “Even through this time period, she’s been an invaluable source of support and guidance to me to come to this decision.”

There’s a long-running joke in political circles about the use of “needing family time” as an excuse when it comes to the resignations of political figures and/or their aides, and it usually revolves around one or more of roughly three mindsets:

1) This person is now persona no grata at their workplace due to bad job performance or scandal. It has been suggested that they could resign graciously instead of risking public humiliation and being fired/expelled.
2) The person “knows” something but would rather step down rather instead of potentially betraying his or her colleagues.
3) The person has simply had enough, is fed up with the game-playing, and has decided it’s time to go.

Although this is speculation, I believe option #3 is her primary reason for leaving.

When you consider the emphasis Democrats always put on the “historic nature” of “the first xyz to hold this office,” and then consider Kosoglu has been working with Harris longer than anyone else still on left on the team, it strikes me as odd someone like that would want to leave not even two years into such a “historic” vice presidency. That’s especially significant considering the rumors that are swirling about whether or not Joe Biden will run again in 2024 – which naturally would put Harris in a position run for president again.

People who have the degree of loyalty that this woman apparently has shown towards Harris since her time in the Senate don’t typically just up and need “family time” when there’s potentially only one more ladder to climb to get to the very top.

And when I say “loyalty” I don’t mean just loyalty in terms of time but also loyalty in terms of absolute devotion, which we saw here when she first joined the Biden-Harris campaign team two years ago:

Maybe Kosoglu finally figured out what a PITA Harris is reportedly known to be as a boss, and wanted to get out while the gettin’ was good. Maybe it was constantly having to run interference after all of Harris’ missteps. Maybe she didn’t want to be on board the sinking ship. I dunno, but I’m not buying the “family time” argument, and neither should anyone else.

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