Biden Get Nailed With Khashoggi Questions as Handlers Get Aggressive With Press – Opinion

Joe Biden’s time in Israel did not go well, with everything from appearing lost and confused on stage twice to having multiple gaffes that insulted our allies.

His current trip to Saudi Arabia includes a meeting with Mohammed Bin Salman, the Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman (MBS), as well as a number of other Saudi officials. Among other reasons, he’s meeting to talk about them producing more oil.

Biden reacted cautiously when asked about his personal meeting with MBS, as he previously called the country a “pariah” over Jamal Khashoggi’s murder. Indeed, that was why some speculated that he might suddenly be adopting a “fist bump” policy while in the Middle East, so there wouldn’t be the image of him shaking hands with MBS. Biden did not hesitate to shake hands with Benjamin Netanyahu, Mahmoud Abubas and Mahmoud El-Sisi.

They may have been on to something there because when Biden met MBS, that’s exactly what he happened. Biden gave him an enthusiastic fist bump.

Whoever told Biden to take that strategy doesn’t seem to get that fist bumping the guy you deemed a pariah and a murderer doesn’t look any better than a handshake, particularly when you’re all smiling together.

When they sat down in the meeting that Biden had suggested they wouldn’t have, the U.S. press then began to pepper both Biden and the Saudis with questions about Khashoggi.

NBC’s Peter Alexander was one of those people. He asked if they were going to apologize to Jamal Khashoggi’s family. Alexander didn’t think MBS looked “uncomfortable” — indeed, he described MBS’ reaction as a “smirk” — before the reporter was grabbed by a Saudi aide.

Another reporter asked Biden if “Saudi Arabia was still a pariah.”

Then you can hear what sounds like the Biden communications people trying to push the press out of the room, with “Thank you, guys, THANK YOU” (meaning: Get out now).

Biden is yet to clarify whether he raised Khashoggi’s issue with MBS. Biden tried previously to avoid answering the question whether he would. This suggests that they already knew how Biden felt. This is not a very good response to a topic you claim to care about.

But as we previously reported, the word is that even though he’s going to talk about “energy security,” he’s not going to walk away from the meeting with any new promises to pump more oil. So, we’ll have to see if that report gets confirmed, but it doesn’t look good for Biden’s chances. Was this really the purpose of going on that trip? So far, it doesn’t look like much.

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