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Many problems exist with the ideas and policies of the Left.

One of the basic problems was something we saw infamously enunciated by Hillary Clinton: that it “takes a village” to raise a child. Now, in criticizing that, I’m not talking about how in various cultures you might have ceremonies and elders that kids might go through to reach adulthood or community events. What I’m talking about is what the left takes that to mean: that the government has a say in raising your child. For some people, the government’s right has primacy over your rights to raise your child as you see fit. It doesn’t take a village to raise a child — it takes good and involved parents.

But the reason I’m thinking about the vagaries of the bad policies of Democrats and Hillary Clinton is that Kamala Harris came out with another word salad today that evoked Clinton.

Here we are with “deep thoughts” from Kamala Harris.

Are they children of the local community? Did you know they’re children of the community? Kamala, thanks for that brave and stunning thought. How long did it take to come up with that as you consulted with your team — that is those who you could corral, as opposed to those fleeing for the door? She always makes it sound like she’s saying the most significant thing ever, with the hands moving for emphasis, when she’s just slinging mindless dreck. She often sounds like she was told to write a 500-word essay and she’s searching for the words to fill the space.

Steve Guest, the Special Advisor for Communications to Senator Ted Cruz (TX), shares a wonderful thread with some of the best Kamala word saladsIf you are curious about how someone can get to such a high position with such a empty head, here’s a link.

But there is a more serious thought behind noting that it’s her mind flapping in the breeze again. These people truly believe that their children are theirs. That’s why they don’t think parents should have a say in their kids’ education — that’s up to the state. Shut up and sit down or we’ll sic the DOJ, and maybe the National Guard on you. Hence why you can’t object to things like CRT and whatever the latest gender thing is that they are trying to push this week. Our children do not belong in the hands of the state. We’re not a Communist nation yet. This is the message they want Americans to believe, and they do so with a smiley face and a smirk. In the words of Nancy Reagan, “Just say no.” We should run and I believe many Americans are running as far away from these leftist thoughts as we can. That’s why you’re seeing parents rising up, saying no more indoctrination and why you’re seeing people move away from the radical nature of the Democrats. I think that we’ve hit that extreme and we’re now going to see the backlash rising more and more. This nonsense is not being bought by Americans.

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